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The Libera Università di Bolzano (unibz; English: Free University of Bozen-Bolzano; German: Freie Universität Bozen), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Facoltà di Scienze e Tecnologie informatiche (Faculty of Computer Science) > KRDB Research Centre for Knowledge and Data 1)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • PhD Programme in Computer Science (Research area: Knowledge Representation and Data Management 2))

Seminars & Workshops

  • 2020: KRDB Summer Online Seminars (May-OctSep 2020)
      Ontology-mediated query answering over temporal data: A survey
      UNiCS: The open data platform for Research and Innovation
      Modeling and reasoning over declarative data-aware processes
      Conceptual modeling of legal relations
      Query Answering under Count Semantics over a DL-Lite KB
      Semantic DMN: Decisions Models with Background Knowledge
      Construction Process Modeling
      UFO, OntoUML and gUFO
      Ontop: the Virtual Knowledge Graph System
      Geospatial Data Integration and Analysis using Virtual Knowledge Graphs
      Formalising the first-order fragment of OCL constraints and ORM rules (postponed)
      There is much more you can do with news than just reading them
      Concept refinements in Description Logics and knowledge engineering
      SHACL, a language for validating RDF graphs (postponed)
      Strategy Synthesis for decision-aware process models
      Threshold Operators in Knowledge Representation
      Add data into business process verification
      Industrial Applications of UFO and OntoUML (postponed)
      Why Databases Should Know How Much They Know (postponed)
      Petri net view over modelling and verification of data-aware processes (postponed)
      Conceptual Blending: Some theory and some applications (postponed)
  • 2006-2012: KRDB Seminar Series (Knowledge Representation and Databases)
      Oct 2012: Time dimensions in linked open data: current approaches and empirical evidences
      Jul 2012: Towards More Expressive Ontology Languages: The Query Answering Problem
      Mar 2012: Information Extraction from large amounts of semi-structured and unstructured texts
      Feb 2012: Knowledge management activities in the FBK e-Health Unit
      Jan 2012: Top-k Search in Social Bookmarking Applications

      Dec 2011: A Toolbox for Ontology Reasoning; Logic-based and Scalable Ontology Matching; Complete Reasoning with Incomplete Ontology Reasoners
      Jan 2011: Supporting Natural Language Processing with Background Knowledge: Coreference Resolution Case

      Dec 2010: Hyperontologies at Work; Interlinking and Understanding Datasets in the Linked Open Data Cloud; Interactive Reasoning in Large and Uncertain RDF Knowledge Bases (DIS + KRDB Joint Seminar)
      Nov 2010: From geographic data toward ontology-driven GISs (Seminar series)

      Oct 2008: Ontologies as a Conceptual Model over Relational Databases; Ontology-driven Geographic Information Integration
      Sep 2008: OntoMinD: Tailoring a DBMS to support Ontological Knowledge; A Survey on Reasoning with Distributed Ontologies and Distributed Reasoning
      Jan 2008: A featuring ontology for semantic similarity reasoning: preliminary ideas and results

      Feb 2006: Introduction to Ontologies; Temporal Knowledge and Ontologies

  • KRDB school
      2010 (#3): Trends in the Web of Data
      2009 (#2): Reasoning Web – Semantic technologies for information systems (Summer School)
      2008 (#1): Knowledge Representation and Description Logics (Spring Scool)

Facoltà di Scienze e Tecnologie informatiche (Faculty of Computer Science)

Legend: Levels of lectures: basic (B) – Bachelor; intermediate (I) – Bachelor and Master; advanced (A) – Master; seminars (S) – Master

Undergraduate Degrees/Programs

  • Bachelor in Applied Computer Science (Stream: Information and Knowledge Management)**
      Formal Methods (B)
      Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (B)
      Computational Linguistics (I)
      Computational Logic (I)
      Digital Libraries (I)
      Knowledge Representation (I)
      Distributed Databases (I)
      XML and Semistructured Databases (I)
      Advanced (A) master courses and seminars (S) upon request3)
  • Bachelor in Applied Computer Science (Stream: Web Technologies)**
      Computational Linguistics (B)
      Internet Technologies 2 (B)
      Knowledge Representation (B)
      Software Architectures (B)
      Distributed Databases (I)
      Component-based Development (I)
      Software Engineering 2 (I)
      Advanced (A) master courses and seminars (S) upon request3)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • MSc in Computer Science (Stream: Data and Knowledge Management/Engineering (DKM))**
      1st year
      Advanced Database Management Technologies
      Data Mining
      Theory of Computing
      Statistical Methods
      Seminars in Human Machine Interaction
      Advanced Internet Technologies
      Data and Process Modeling
      Information Search and Retrieval
      Technical and Scientific Communication

      2nd year
      Semantic Technologies
      Seminars in Data and Knowledge Engineering
      Research Methods
      Compulsory Optional Course
      Free Choice*

  • MSc in Computer Science (Stream: Information and Knowledge Management)**
      Computational Linguistics (I)
      Non-classical Logics (A)
      Computational Logic (I)
      Digital Libraries (I)
      Foundations of Databases (A)
      Knowledge Representation (I)
      System Security (A)
      Distributed Databases (I)
      Knowledge Bases and Databases (A)
      Semantic Web Technologies (A)
      XML and Semistructured Databases (I)
      Temporal and Spatial Databases (A)

      BSc courses: (upon request)3)
      Formal Methods (B)
      Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (B)

      Language and Communication Technologies Masters courses:
      Automatic Speech Recognition (A)
      Cross-Language Information Technologies (A)
      Intelligent Interfaces (A)
      Text Processing (A)

  • MSc in Computer Science (Stream: Semantic Web)**
      1st Semester
      Theory of Computing
      Semantic Web Technologies
      Advanced Internet Technologies
      Technical and Scientific Communication
      Research Methods

      2nd Semester
      Knowledge Representation and Ontologies
      Computational Logic
      Information Search and Retrieval
      Optional Courses*

      3rd Semester
      XML Data Management
      Computational Linguistics
      Laboratory in Statistics
      Seminar in Human-Machine Interaction
      Optional Courses (stream courses)
      Free choice (any two courses)

      4th Semester

  • MSc in Computer Science (Stream: Semantic Technologies)**
      Distributed Databases (I)
      Component-based Development (I)
      Software Engineering 2 (I)
      XML and Semistructured Databases (I)
      Intelligent Agents (A)
      Mobile Services (A)
      Multimedia and Hypermedia Systems (A)
      System Security (A)
      Temporal and Spatial Databases (A)
      Readings in Databases (S)
      Readings in Knowledge Representation (S)
      Readings in Software Engineering (S)


Computer Science Seminar Series

  • May 2006: Research challenges for the Semantic Web from a database perspective
  • Sep 2005: Information Integration
  • Jul 2005: On the Semantics of Anonymous Identity and Reification
  • Jun 2005: From Semantic Data Models to the Semantic Web
  • Nov 2004: Ontology modelling: an overview of ontoclean
  • Oct 2004: Seminars in Data Information and Knowledge Management
  • Jun 2004: Online reputation systems for virtual communities; Half-a-century of computer chess: The longest running experiment in knowledge engineering
  • Jul 2003: The UMLS Semantic Network meets DAML+OIL
  • Jun 2003: Semantic Web Enabled Web Services

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