Preserve knowledge about Knowledge Management education!

Abstract: This chapter introduces the research domain of knowledge management educational programs and issues associated with the preservation of knowledge about these programs. The chapter comprises a preliminary literature review of the academic and research perspectives along with the broader educational perspectives associated with knowledge management educational programs in the academy and in the workplace. The manifesto concludes with an imperative suggesting the critical need to immediately collect and preserve all significant knowledge artifacts comprising curriculum, courses, and instruction associated with past, current, and future knowledge management educational programs. Since knowledge management is continuing to grow as an emerging field, future educators will need access to the preserved organizational memory associated with instructional successes and failures in this new field.

Sutton, Michael JD: A Manifesto for the Preservation of Organizational Memory Associated with the Emergence of Knowledge Management Educational Programs. In: John P. Girard (Ed.): Building Organizational Memories: Will You Know What You Knew? IGI Global, 2009: 225-243.

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