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Prism Legal Consulting has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • DC Large Law Firm Knowledge Management Group (was: DC Legal Market KM Group)
  • NYC Large Law Firm Knowledge Management Group


  • Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit (SKILLS)*1)
      The Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit (SKILLS), formerly the Legal Knowledge Management Summit (Legal KM Summit or KM Summit), organized by the NYC Large Law Firm Knowledge Management Group, is a closed door international meeting of large law firm knowledge management and innovation leaders with a public part – the SKILLS Showcase. The aim of SKILLS is to discuss current developments in Knowledge Management, innovation, and the business of law. The SKILLS Showcase is a mixture of rapid-fire presentations and strategic discussions that highlight the latest developments in the legal sector.


“Knowledge Management” Workshops

    2005: Making Knowledge Management Client Facing @ ARK KM in the Legal Profession


“Knowledge Management” Presentations

    @ ARK KM Legal US
    2019: Anticipating Users’ Information + Know-How Requirements
    2017: Knowledge Management in the Big Picture – The Business Context (Keynote)
    2014: 10 Years Gone: From Content to Tools to Productivity – A Legal Knowledge Management Retrospective

    @ ILTA
    2017: Prosper in Flat Times with Knowledge Management (ILTA Webinar)

    @ ITA Collaborative Conference
    2014: The Evolution of Legal Knowledge Management and Lessons for other Professionals

    @ Interwoven Legal IT Leadership Summit
    2006: Pragmatic Approaches to Knowledge Management

    @ SUNY/Stony Brook, Graduate School of Business
    2006: Knowledge Management – The Right Question? (guest lecture, Strategic Technology & Innovation class, Executive MBA program)

    @ Marcus Evans LawTech Forum
    2005: Leveraging Technology to Enhance Your Knowledge Management Capabilities

    @ CIO Roundtable Retreat
    2005: Trends in Knowledge Management

    @ Hummingbird Summit
    2005: A Case of Knowledge Management – KM Lessons from the Legal Industry

    @ Chicago CIO Roundtable
    2004: Making Knowledge Management Client-Facing

    @ LegalTech
    2003: Chart a Course for Knowledge Management Success
    2000: Approaches to Knowledge Management
    1999: Update on Knowledge Management Tools

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