Routes into Knowledge Management

Abstract: “You know when something is more than a passing fad,” notes David Skyrme “academic institutions start planning courses.” Indeed, not only academic institutions, but member organisations and consultancy firms too, including David Skyrme Associates. Indeed, on 11th October this year, the City Information Group are chairing a discussion evening, at the Baltic Exchange, on the growing number of training/education courses in KM entitled ‘Routes into KM’. Last year’s research publication by the Library and Information Commission “Knowledge Management – window of opportunity will not last forever” carried out by TFPL, urged the information profession to show their value and respond positively to the knowledge economy in general and KM in particular. This research was the information industry’s reaction to the DTI’s white paper “Building the Knowledge Driven Economy” (1998) and seemed to be the catalyst for calls to the library and information science profession to gain an understanding of KM concepts and strategies and learn the skills that will help them respond to the opportunities within Knowledge environments (see). The research recommended, amongst other things, that academic institutions should create modules in KM, which should be accredited as part of post-graduate qualifications in a variety of disciplines. It also recommended a programme of workshops, experiential learning and other events developed specifically to update the profession on KM concepts and associated management ideas. Below are a number of such courses and workshops aimed at information professionals and managers, categorised by one/two day training events run by consultancies, Post- and Under- Graduate taught courses and by ad hoc workshops/lectures and seminars. It’s UK biased primarily but there are mentions of some Internet distance learning courses that are international.

Steve D’Arcy : Routes into Knowledge Management. FreePint Newsletter, No.71, 21st September 2000

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