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SAI Global, formerly Standards Australia International, a subsidiary company of Standards Australia, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Combined Knowledge Management (2003)
  • Introductory training courses
    • Driving Knowledge Performance – AS 5037: Setting your Knowledge Strategy (Day 1); Implementing and Managing a Performing Knowledge Initiative (Day 2)
    • Knowledge Management Framework Seminars / Introduction to Knowledge Management
      • 2002 ff: Session 1 Why focus on knowledge?; Session 2 Standards Australias Knowledge Management Framework; Session 3 Knowledge focused organisations; Session 4 Implementing Knowledge Management in your organisation (Building the business case for Knowledge Management)
      • 2001: Session 1 What is Knowledge Management?; Session 2 The elements of Knowledge Management; Session 3 Planning and Implementation of Knowledge Management
    • Knowledge Management Interim Standard Introductory Workshops
    • Executive Seminar in Knowledge Management
    • Introduction to knowledge management for managers
  • Advanced training courses: Managing Knowledge to promote Innovation; Dynamic Virtual Teams; Knowledge management technology; Advanced Knowledge Management
  • In-house workshops: Knowledge Management Executive Briefing (2 hour); Generic half-day Knowledge Management seminars
    Applying Knowledge Management workshops (full day); Driving Knowledge Performance methodology workshops
  • Standards associated training courses: Recordkeeping AS/ISO 15489, Records Management; Recordkeeping Post Implementation Review of your EDRMS Project; Mining Law


  • Knowledge Management Challenge**
    • KM Challenge 2002, 8-9 May 2002, Sydney, Australia
      Conference Theme: Advanced models of Knowledge Management – Practical approaches for implementation
    • KM Challenge 2003, 2-4 April 2003, Melbourne, Australia
      Conference Theme: Advanced models of Knowledge Management – Sharing the latest in thinking and practice
      Masterclass (Apr 1): Communities of Practice
    • KM Challenge 2004, 30-31 March 2004, Sydney, Australia
      Conference Theme: Driving Performance through Knowledge Collaboration
      Masterclass (Mar 29): Driving Knowledge Performance


  • SME Committee
  • Australian Capital Territory forum
  • New South Wales forum
  • QLD-KM Forum
  • Western Australia forum
  • Victorian KM Forum (KMLF)

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