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SAI Global, part of the Intertek Group, formerly Quality Assurance Services (QAS), a commercial subsidiary company of Standards Australia International (SAI) and Standards Australia (SA), resp.,1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

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  • Combined Knowledge Management – Introduction and Advanced (1 day)

Introductory training courses

  • Driving Knowledge Performance – AS 5037 (2 days)
    – Setting your Knowledge Strategy (Day 1)
    – Implementing and Managing a Performing Knowledge Initiative (Day 2)
  • Knowledge Management Framework Seminars / Introduction to Knowledge Management
    • 2002 ff: Session 1 Why focus on knowledge?; Session 2 Standards Australias Knowledge Management Framework; Session 3 Knowledge focused organisations; Session 4 Implementing Knowledge Management in your organisation (Building the business case for Knowledge Management)
    • 2001: Session 1 What is Knowledge Management?; Session 2 The elements of Knowledge Management; Session 3 Planning and Implementation of Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Interim Standard Introductory Workshops
  • Executive Seminar in Knowledge Management
  • Introduction to knowledge management for managers

Advanced training courses

  • Managing Knowledge to promote Innovation
  • Dynamic Virtual Teams
  • Knowledge management technology
  • Advanced Knowledge Management

Standards associated training courses

  • Recordkeeping AS/ISO 15489, Records Management
  • Recordkeeping Post Implementation Review of your EDRMS Project
  • Mining Law

Masterclasses (in conjunction w. KM Challenge Conference)

  • A practical approach to managing knowledge
  • Communities of Practice
  • Knowledge Economics Master Class

In-house Workshops

  • Knowledge Management Executive Briefing (2 hour)
  • Generic half-day Knowledge Management seminars)
  • Applying Knowledge Management workshops (full day)
  • Driving Knowledge Performance methodology workshops


  • Knowledge Management Challenge (KM Challenge)**
    The Knowledge Management Challenge (KM Challenge) conference will be exploring practical frameworks for focusing on knowledge. Leading Australian and International Knowledge Management practitioners will present innovative models and frameworks for knowledge management that could be used by other organisations.
    The KM Challenge program is chaired by the Deputy Head Information Systems Management Research Group, Queensland University of Technology, Before 2004 it was organized by Business Excellence Australia (BEA)

    Conference History:

    • KM Challenge 2004, 30-31 March 2004, Sydney, Australia
      Conference Theme: Driving Performance through Knowledge Collaboration

        The effectiveness of collaboration
        how knowledge is applied in sports commentary

        Branding Your Know-How
        A little trust goes a long way
        Measuring cost, value and ROI for Knowledge Management in a Professional Service firm
        Value Vs Cost focus in Knowledge Management
        Compliance on a shoestring: Using communities of practice to support small organisation
        Driving Project Performance with a Collaborative Definition of Knowledge Management
        Linking Knowledge Management to the HRM Function in the Knowledge Economy
        From Knowledge Management Foundations to Network-Centric Organisations and Communities
        Performance through informal collaboration
        Collaboration for the Creation and Exchange of Knowledge
        New environments, new learnings, new schools
        Supporting collaboration at Ernst & Young: Helping people to use computer mediated communication to work together around the world
        Trends in Collaboration Practices and Technology
        A Method for Conducting Knowledge Management: Concepts and Cases
        Intranets and Knowledge Sharing

        Panel discussions:
        How Knowledge Management is being adopted across the region (Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Australia)

        Pre-conference Masterclasses (Mar 29):
        A practical approach to managing knowledge (Other locations: Canberra (Apr 1), Melburne (Apr 2), Brisbane (Apr 5))

        Co-located Events:
        KM Special Event: Knowledge Sharing @ UT Sydney, Mar 29
        NSW KM Forum Meeting, Apr 1
        Presentations: Measuring a Knowledge-Based Economy and Society, Evolving to a Knowledge-Driven Organisation

    • KM Challenge 2003, 2-4 April 2003, Melbourne, Australia
      Conference Theme: Advanced models of Knowledge Management – Sharing the latest in thinking and practice
      (Organizer: Queensland University of Technology

        Strategic knowledge management through communities of practice.
        The business case for communities of practice pitched at senior management level (Executive Breakfast, Optional Extra)
        A knowledge perspective of outsourcing at Lloyds of London

        Plenary Presentations:
        Knowledge Standards-a UK/Australia comparison

        SESSIONS: Communities of Practice
        Communities of Practice at Rio Tinto
        Communities of Practice bind together a National Training System

        SESSIONS: Social Network Analysis
        Developing Knowledge Strategy from a Knowledge Audit
        Does your Community leave a Digital Footprint?

        SESSIONS: International Perspectives
        Knowledge Management in the InfoTech Sector
        How Behaviour effects Knowledge Management

        SESSIONS: Knowledge Strategy Implementation
        Knowledge Management – A Marathon, Sprint or Decathlon
        Knowledge Management and Common Identity in the Australian Defence Organisation

        SESSIONS: Knowledge Management Concepts
        Knowledge Management and Innovation: How are they related?
        The Knowledge Management Bottom Line

        SESSIONS: Knowledge Management Implementation in the Public Sector
        Driving Public Sector Knowledge Management implementation in Main Roads
        Doing Justice with Knowledge Management

        SESSIONS: Technology and Knowledge Management
        Understanding Expertise Location
        Introducing Knowledge Management to Professions Australia

        Conference Mini-Workshops:
        Driving Knowledge Performance
        Attention and knowledge using an innovative facilitation method (open space)
        XML for Knowledge Managers

        Open Panel:
        Can we manage Trust? Can we measure knowledge? …

        Inaugural KM Challenge Competition
        Dinner incl. KM Trivia Competition

        Pre-conference Masterclasses (Apr 2):
        Communities of Practice (Other locations: Brisbane (Mar 25), Sydney (Mar 27))

    • KM Challenge 2002, 8-9 May 2002, Sydney, Australia
      Conference Theme: Advanced models of Knowledge Management – Practical approaches for implementation

        Knowledge Creation Beyond managing knowledge
        Knowledge Economics – Using Knowledge Economics to Analyze and Improve Natural Knowledge Systems
        The new economic reality – creating value, for shareholders, for stakeholders, for communities and for nation states
        Complex acts of knowing – Context, Narrative and Content: The Third Generation of Knowledge Management

        STREAM A Presentations:
        Resolving The Knowledge Management Paradox: Balancing The Mild, The Wild And The Crazy
        ‘Big’ Knowledge Management: The Case for KM Strategy Development
        Focusing on Cultural Aspects of Knowledge Management
        Supporting Knowledge Work Practices: A Task-Based Framework for Knowledge Management Systems
        “And Now For Round 3”: Re-Inventing Knowledge Management at PwC Consulting
        Bringing Campfires Together: Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture in a Professional Services Firm
        Where Business Process Meets Business Practice
        The Knowledge Economy, Knowledge-Based Business and Knowledge Management: Examining the Business Models of the New Economy

        STREAM B Presentations:
        It’s About Time!: A Holistic Knowledge Management Model for Managing an Organisation’s External Affairs
        The Future of Knowledge Work: Collaboration at Microsoft
        Creating a Knowledge Organisation through Cultural Transformation: Rethinking the Paradigm
        Driving Knowledge Management through project management (Strategy Realisation through Knowledge and Project Management)
        Working Smarter by using the APQC KM Framework to Realise a Business Knowledge Repository
        Knowledge Structures in the Health System: Problems and Opportunities
        The New Literacy: A Human Dimension of Knowledge Management
        Knowledge Management in the Knowledge Industry: The Challenge for Universities

        Panel Discussion:
        Speakers from the conference will discuss questions from the audience

        Post-conference Masterclasses (May 10):
        Knowledge Economics Master Class


SAI Communities

  • Knowledge Management in SMEs Working Group (est. 2/2004)
  • Committee MB-007, Knowledge Management (est. 9/2001, aka Australian Knowledge Management Standards Committee)
  • Western Australia Knowledge Management Forum
  • New South Wales Knowledge Management Forum (est. 8/2001; NSW KM Forum or the Forum)
  • KM-Framework Egroup (est. 2/2001)

Supported Communities

  • ACT Knowledge Management Forum
  • QLD-KM Forum
  • Knowledge Management Leadership Forum (KMLF, aka Victorian KM Forum)


KM in SMEs Working Group meetings

    Feb 2004: Inaugural meeting

Western Australia Knowledge Management Forum meetings

    Feb 2002: Knowledge Management at Department of Justice

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