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SAI Global, formerly Standards Australia International, a subsidiary company of Standards Australia, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

SAI Global Professional Services 1)


  • 2003: Combined Knowledge Management
  • 2003: Communities of Practice Masterclass
    Brisbane, 25 March
    Sydney, 27 March
    Melbourne, 2 April (co-located to KM Challenge 2003)
  • Introductory training courses
    • Driving Knowledge Performance – AS 5037 (2 days)
      – Setting your Knowledge Strategy (Day 1)
      – Implementing and Managing a Performing Knowledge Initiative (Day 2)
    • Knowledge Management Framework Seminars / Introduction to Knowledge Management
      • 2002 ff: Session 1 Why focus on knowledge?; Session 2 Standards Australias Knowledge Management Framework; Session 3 Knowledge focused organisations; Session 4 Implementing Knowledge Management in your organisation (Building the business case for Knowledge Management)
      • 2001: Session 1 What is Knowledge Management?; Session 2 The elements of Knowledge Management; Session 3 Planning and Implementation of Knowledge Management
    • Knowledge Management Interim Standard Introductory Workshops
    • Executive Seminar in Knowledge Management
    • Introduction to knowledge management for managers
  • Advanced training courses: Managing Knowledge to promote Innovation; Dynamic Virtual Teams; Knowledge management technology; Advanced Knowledge Management
  • In-house workshops: Knowledge Management Executive Briefing (2 hour); Generic half-day Knowledge Management seminars; Applying Knowledge Management workshops (full day); Driving Knowledge Performance methodology workshops
  • Standards associated training courses: Recordkeeping AS/ISO 15489, Records Management; Recordkeeping Post Implementation Review of your EDRMS Project; Mining Law


Knowledge Management Challenge** 2)
The Knowledge Management Challenge conference will be exploring practical frameworks for focusing on knowledge. Leading Australian and International Knowledge Management practitioners will present innovative models and frameworks for knowledge management that could be used by other organisations.

  • KM Challenge 2004, 30-31 March 2004, Sydney, Australia
    Conference Theme: Driving Performance through Knowledge Collaboration
    Pre-conference Masterclasses (Mar 29): Driving Knowledge Performance
  • KM Challenge 2003, 2-4 April 2003, Melbourne, Australia
    Conference Theme: Advanced models of Knowledge Management – Sharing the latest in thinking and practice
    Pre-conference Masterclasses (Apr 2): Communities of Practice;
    Streams: Communities of Practice; Social Network Analysis; International Perspectives; Knowledge Strategy Implementation; Knowledge Management Concepts; Knowledge Management Implementation in the Public Sector; Technology and Knowledge Management
    Mini-Workshops: Driving Knowledge Performance; Attention and knowledge using an innovative facilitation method (open space); XML for Knowledge Managers
    Executive Breakfast: The business case for communities of practice pitched at senior management level
    Open Panel: Can we manage Trust? Can we measure knowledge? …
    KM Challenge Competition
  • KM Challenge 2002, 8-9 May 2002, Sydney, Australia
    Conference Theme: Advanced models of Knowledge Management – Practical approaches for implementation


  • SME Committee
  • Australian Capital Territory forum
  • New South Wales forum
  • QLD-KM Forum
  • Western Australia forum
  • Victorian KM Forum (KMLF)

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