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The Society for Computers and Law (SCL) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • SCL Knowledge Management Group/Committee (Est. 2004)


  • SCL Knowledge Management Group meetings/seminars
    • Jun 2019: Data governance, information security and the Power of Knowledge
    • Sep 2018: Smarter Documents 2 – the contract automation journey continues
    • Feb 2018: Legal Project Management
    • Jul 2017: Valuing “Value Add” – An invitation to participate in a discussion on research by the Knowledge Management Group
    • Jun 2016: Storing the firm’s knowledge – is the document management system the right place?
    • Jan 2016: Smarter Documents
    • Jun 2015: Embedding Knowledge Management into the Legal Work Process
    • Feb 2015: Know-who? – Expertise Searching in Law Firms
    • Oct 2014: Know-who? – Expertise Searching in Law Firms (postponed ?)
    • Jun 2014: Project Management for Lawyers
    • Feb 2014: Apps Within Law Firms
    • Jul 2013: E-learning v Chalk and Talk
    • Jan 2013: Use of social media for collaborating and sharing knowledge internally
    • Sep 2012: Effective ways of using new technology in delivering legal services
    • Sep 2011: Close Up and Personal – Delivering the Right Information and Knowledge at the Point of Need
    • May 2011: Hitting the target? How law firms, publishers and in-house teams can use technology to ensure know-how publications and alerts reach their target client audience
    • Mar 2010 (Thrift KM Series cont.): Exploiting Natural Networks
    • Sep 2009 (Thrift KM Series): Maximising the return from subscriptions to information servicesservices
    • Jul 2009 (Thrift KM Series): Systems for free
    • May 2009 (Thrift KM Series): Information for free
    • Dec 2008: Wikis in practice: a beginner’s guide to getting it right
    • Jul 2008: Implementing an E-learning Programme
    • Mar 2008: Tomorrow’s Legal Desktop: the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Legal Knowledge Management
    • Oct 2007: Virtual Knowledge Management communities – a real debate
    • Mar 2007: Knowledge Management and Clients
    • Dec 2006: Knowledge Management and Commoditisation
    • Jun 2006: The Practicalities of Running IT Projects from a Knowledge Management Perspective
    • Feb 2006:
    • 2006 (planned topics):
      individual requirements v. firm-wide feasibility
      the social side of KM (including wikis, blogs and other social and collaborative software)
      Knowledge audits, measurement and incentives
    • Jul 2005: Knowledge of your Clients
    • May 2005: Knowledge to Manage Firm Performance
    • Mar 2005: Optimising Law Firm Services through Knowledge
    • Jan 2005: The Human Value of Knowledge
    • Nov 2004: Risk Management and Firm Consistency
    • (Aug 2004: SCL Knowledge Management group Advisory Committee meeting)
    • Jul 2004: Knowledge Management – a transformation agent for the legal business (SCL Knowledge Management Group Inaugural Meeting)
  • Other meetings/seminars
    • Jul 2003: Showing Value for Money in Knowledge Management (SCL London Group and Commerce and Industry Group Joint Meeting)
    • Aug 2001: Adding Value by Improving Knowledge Flows – A Legal Challenge

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