Survival Tips for Knowledge Managers

Abstract: In previous generations, knowledge, ‘know-how’, was taught by the foreman, the professional, or the artisan, to the apprentice or articling student, on the job. Most people learned by following the example of the master or expert. In those days, performance evaluation was easy, because the boss always knew more than his or her charges.

Today that has all changed. We live in such specialized times, with such high staff turnover, that most employee ‘know-how’ has been accumulated from a variety of sources in different organizations, and the boss rarely knows as much about his or her employees’ specialized roles and functions as the employees themselves do. In today’s world, the most common and effective way for an organization to ‘create knowledge’ is to hire it.

Dave Pollard: Seven Survival Tips for Knowledge Managers. how to save the world, July 16, 2003.

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