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Sveiby Knowledge Associates (SKA or SKA Global), formerly Sveiby Knowledge Management, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification 1)

  • Mastering Knowledge Management (Certified Knowledge Manager SKA)
    Week 1: Knowledge Management Fundamentals
    Week 2: The Knowledge Focussed Strategy
    Week 3: Measuring Intangibles
    Week 4: Creating the Invisible Balance Sheet
    Week 5: Managing Knowledge Workers
    Week 6: Knowledge Management Activity Planning
    Week 7: Creating the Collaborative Climate
    Week 8: Managing the Knowledge Organization
  • Intangible Assets Auditing and Controlling (Certified Intangible Assets Controller SKA)**
    Week 1 – Introductions
    Week 2 – Introducing the IAM
    Week 3 – Alternative Methods
    Week 4 – GAAP & Others
    Week 5 – “Triple Bottom Line”
    Week 6 – Implementation
    Week 7 – Critical Comparisons
    Week 8 – Certification
    Weeks 9 & 10 – Follow-up
  • Tango 2.0 (Certified TangoNet Facilitator SKA)
    Week 1 – Simulation Background
    Week 2 – Mastering the Simulation
    Week 3 – Remote Facilitating of virtual teams
    Week 4 – Learning by doing
  • 2 days (was 5-7 days) Certified TangoNet® Facilitator course


Workshops & Seminars

    Master Class in Knowledge Management (Three or four workshops combined into a full day Master Class; 1-2 days seminar)
    Apples and Oranges Knowledge Seminar
    Create Your Firm’s Invisible Balance Sheet
    How to Manage Knowledge-Based Assets (Intellectual Capital)
    How to Measure Intangible Assets and Intellectual Capital
    How to Create a Knowledge Focused Strategy
    How to Manage Knowledge Workers and Knowledge Organisations (Building Capability in the Knowledge Organisation)
    Knowledge Management Activity Planning
    How to charge for Knowledge
    Business simulations. How to Manage a Knowledge Organisation
    The Sveiby Toolkit. How to “sell” Knowledge Management
    Capitalising on Knowledge
    Intangible Assets Monitor
    SmartNet Workshop in Knowledge Management
    Managing Knowledge-Based Assets
    Human Resource Costing & Accounting
    Human Capital and the Human Resource Function
    Managing Knowledge and Intellectual Capital
    Leveraging Knowledge for Value: The New Strategic Dialogue of the Knowledge Economy
    Harnessing Knowledge Management to Develop Information for the 21st Century
    Managing & Sustaining the Knowledge-driven organisation
    Corporate Power through Knowledge Management
    Smart thinking for the New Economy
    Managing and Measuring Knowledge-Based Assets
    The Knowledge Advantage

Online training / simulations

  • The Sveiby Toolkit** 2)
    – Courses: Online Knowledge Management Course; Monthly Interactive Seminar
    – Materials: Online Intangible Assets Monitor (& Process Support); Knowledge Management Activity Planning; Knowledge Management Casebase; Invisible Balance Sheet (IBS)
  • Knowledge Management… The Karl Erik Sveiby Way… (Introductory Course on Knowledge Management) 2)
  • Tango® business simulation
    (Celemi Tango™ – Managing intangible assets)
  • TangoNet® online business simulation


SKA Global Annual Gathering

    4th SKA Gathering, Norway 1-3 March, 2004
    3rd SKA Gathering, Guangdhzou, China, March 2-5, 2003
    2nd SKA Gathering, Cape Town, South Africa, 2002
    1st SKA Gathering, Brisbane, Australia, February 25-28, 2001

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