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Adult IT programs: a discourse on pedagogy strategy and the Internet

Abstract: Discusses strategies for implementing modern knowledge management curricula in academic programs for adult professionals. References the perspectives of multidisciplinary curricula covering information and society; multimedia and hypermedia; electronic information design and presentation; and infrastructure development and implementation. The analysis assumes the increasing involvement of highly trained professionals in adult education programs; the continuing

re:publica – Festival for the Digital Society (RP)*

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Die re:publica – Festival for the Digital Society (ehemals: Conference on the Internet & Society; Social-Media-Konferenz / Konferenz über Blogs, soziale Medien und die digitale Gesellschaft) – findet als Konferenz rund um soziale Medien jährlich in Berlin statt. Die Veranstalter bezeichen die Konferenz als “EUROPE’S MOST EXCITING CONFERENCE ON INTERNET AND SOCIETY” bzw. Europas wichtigstes