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The Knowledge Mentoring Institute (KMI) 1), formerly the Knowledge Management Institute (KM Institute or KMI) and Knowledge Management International, including its brand “mentoring4success” (M4S), has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Mentoring 4 Success (M4S) certification courses

  • Certification Course on Knowledge Mentoring 2)

KM Institute (USA) certification programs** 3)

  • Certified Modern Knowledge Manager (C-MKM™)** / 5 days 4)
  • “Internationally” Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM™)** / 5 days
  • “Internationally” Certified Knowledge Practitioner (CKP™)** / 2 days
  • Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS™)** / 2 days

Training Courses

Mentoring 4 Success (M4S) short courses (1/2 day)

  • The 6 Roles of the Knowledge Mentor in the Workplace
  • Knowledge Swarms and Experiential Hives – a Knowledge Mentoring model for Nation Building
  • The 6 Sources of Knowledge Mentoring in the Workplace
  • Intentional Story Telling for Knowledge Mentors in the Workplace
  • Introduction to Knowledge Mentoring in Engineering & Construction
  • Mobile Knowledge Mentoring and the new opportunity of the Cyber Sage
  • Developing a Knowledge Mentoring Strategy and Framework for Sustainability
  • Visual Knowledge Mapping for Mentors
  • Knowledge Asset Structure Modelling and Mentoring in the Workplace
  • Expert Tacit Knowledge Discovery, Capture & Packaging in Knowledge Mentoring
  • Cross-Functional Knowledge Mapping
  • Establishing and Maintaining Communities of Knowledge Mentoring (CoKM’s)
  • Developing Knowledge Mentoring Taxonomies, Ontologies, Topologies and Folksonomies
  • Knowledge Mentoring in a Time and Distance disconnect (Remote Mentoring)
  • Introducing Value Engineering through Knowledge Mentoring
  • Understanding and assessing Returns on Knowledge Investment (ROKI)
  • Introduction to Knowledge Mentoring in the Workplace
  • Designing, implementing and interpreting Mentoring Surveys – identifying critical knowledge needs
  • Mentoring solutions for Valued Knowledge at Risk (V-KaR)
  • Introduction to Mobile Knowledge Mentoring and Mobile Apps
  • Introduction to Knowledge Mentoring in Engineering & Construction
  • Executive Introduction to Knowledge Mentoring

Mentoring 4 Success (M4S) in-house workshops

  • Knowledge Mentoring in the Workplace
    (Options: 1 day Foundation Class, 2 day Master Class, 3 day Bootcamp (Includes KM Strategy as output), Bespoke / Customised Workshops)
  • Structured / Knowledge Mentoring in Engineering & Construction
    (Options: 1 day Foundation Class, 2 day Master Class, 3 day Bootcamp (Includes KM Strategy as output), Bespoke / Customised Workshops)
  • Executive Foundations of Knowledge Mentoring (1 day)

KM Institute courses** (Options: 1/2 day awareness sessions; 1 day Focus sessions; 2 day Masterclass workshops; 3-5 day Bootcamp workshops)

  • Knowledge Specialist (MKS) Programme (mobile, 3 days)
  • Critical Knowledge Exchange “Gamification” and Simulation programs (Knowledge Pursuit™; Knowledge Ball™; Bird Island (Licenced); Other Bespoke and Co-Developed Games and Simulations)
  • Introduction to the Knowledge Management Value Proposition (1/2 day)
  • Foundations in Knowledge Management Workshop (1 day)
  • Knowledge Management Masterclass (2 days)
  • Knowledge Management Bootcamp (3-5 days)
  • SETA and NQF Accredited Knowledge Management Workshops (2-3 days)
    – ID 120392 – Apply the concept and principles of knowledge management to leadership
    – ID 115405 – Apply principles of knowledge management to organisational transformation
  • The Integrated Knowledge Management Framework “Masterclass” (1-3 days)
      Workshop program (2 days)
      Identifying Key Knowledge Needs and Drivers
      Assessing and Nurturing the knowledge Culture and Environment
      Initiating Knowledge Habits and Practices
      Identifying and profiling the Knowledge Assets and Experts
      Looking into various knowledge Tools and Enablers
      Exploring Change Management Needs and Drivers
      Using an integrated Program and Knowledge Management Projects Management approach
  • Introduction to Knowledge Management (1/2-2 days)
  • Communities of Practice (1/2-1 day)
  • Knowledge Mapping (K-Maps) (1/2-2 days)
  • Expert Profiling (1/2-1 day)
  • Tacit Knowledge Discovery and Capture (1/2-1 day)
  • Knowledge Acquisition & Competency Development (1/2-1 day)
  • Managing the Change during Knowledge Management Initiatives (1/2-1 days)
  • Structured Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer (1/2-2 days)
  • Strategic Knowledge Management (“Strategic Skills Development” Series)


  • …on topics in knowledge management and mentoring
    (Option 1: Executive Board Presentation / Conference Presentation (45 minutes); Option 2: Keynote Address / Executive Overview / Extended Presentation (90 minutes))

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