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The Knowledge Management Institute (KM Institute or KMI) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification 1)

KM Institute (USA) certification programs

  • Certified Modern Knowledge Manager (C-MKM)™ 2)
  • Internationally Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM™)**
  • Internationally Certified Knowledge Practitioner (CKP™)**
  • Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS™)**


  • Knowledge Specialist (MKS) Programme (mobile, 3 days)
  • Critical Knowledge Exchange “Gamification” and Simulations (Knowledge Pursuit™; Knowledge Ball™; Bird Island (Licenced); Other Bespoke and Co-Developed Games and Simulations)
  • Introduction to the Knowledge Management Value Proposition
  • Foundations in Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Masterclass
  • Knowledge Management Bootcamps
  • SETA and NQF Accredited Knowledge Management Workshops
    – ID 120392 – Apply the concept and principles of knowledge management to leadership
    – ID 115405 – Apply principles of knowledge management to organisational transformation
  • Managing the Change during Knowledge Management Initiatives
  • The Integrated Knowledge Management Framework Masterclass/Workshop
  • Introduction to Knowledge Management
  • Expert Profiling
  • Communities of Practice
  • Knowledge Mapping (K-Maps)
  • Tacit Knowledge Discovery and Capture
  • Knowledge Acquisition & Competency Development


  • on topics in knowledge management


  • on topics in knowledge management

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