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TFPL’s Bath Club (KM in the public sector) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Bi-monthly Meetings

  • December 2007: final meeting
  • January 2007: Bath Club debate – The motion: “This house believes that within the foreseeable future useful, relevant and timely information will be delivered to the desktop untouched by human hand”.
  • December 2006: What makes a successful city in the knowledge-economy? Presenting findings from The Work Foundation’s Ideopolis: Knowledge-City Regions research
  • October 2006: Developing Knowledge Management in a Customer Service Centre
  • May 2006: Knowledge and information sharing in local authorities
  • November 2004: Ministry of Defence’s Knowledge Management programme
  • September 2004: The Inland Revenue story
  • July 2004: Transformational leadership
  • June 2004: Making an impact: one year on in TRL
  • May 2004: Measuring the impact of Knowledge Management
  • December 2003: The Department of Health Knowledge Management programme
  • October 2003: Organisational culture: Knowledge Management friendly in the public sector
  • September 2003: Enabling people to fly solo: exploring collaborative coaching
  • April 2003: Changing information behaviours across the organisation
  • 2002:…

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