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TFPL Connect Community offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Special Interest Groups

  • Financial Services SIG (2014-…)
  • Health Special Interest Group (2009-2014)
  • Law Special Interest Group (2008)
  • SharePoint Special Interest Group (2008-2012)


  • TFPL Connect Meetings
    • Jun 2014: Supporting the Hillsborough Independent Panel – Information Sharing & Information Privacy
    • Dec 2013: What a difference a web makes
    • Sep 2013: Knowledge management and innovation for an adaptable and successful organisation
    • Jun 2013: The Value of Connections
    • Nov 2012: The changing balance of power in communication and information delivery (TFPL Connect International)
    • Feb 2012: Can knowledge and information management really make an impact …
    • Nov 2011: Developing collaborative behaviour to make knowledge work to support agile organisations (1st joint TFPL and Henley KM Forum event)
    • Nov 2011: Persuading, negotiating and influencing your way to achieving in 2012 (TFPL Connect International)
    • Jun 2011: Harnessing the power of networks
    • Mar 2011: Staying one step ahead, what does it take to remain relevant in the knowledge and information management game?
    • Nov 2010: Cash is tight, knowledge and information management is core: Building a strong market for knowledge and information management specialists
    • Oct 2010: Connecting our Knowledge to make a Difference – A follow up on DePaul UK
    • Sep 2010: Unlocking the Value of You
    • Jun 2010: Connecting our knowledge to make a difference
    • Feb 2010: Rhetoric, fashion or fact: today’s ideas about tomorrows knowledge and information management
    • Nov 2009: TFPL Connect International: key challenges and opportunities for knowledge and information management
    • Oct 2009: Who’s in charge? Aligning knowledge and information management to business drivers
    • Jul 2009: Fit for purpose? Knowledge & Information Management (KIM) strategies that make a difference
    • Mar 2009: Themes and reflections from ebic 2008
    • Jun 2008: The future of work – technology
    • Feb 2008: The future of work – people
  • Law SIG Meetings
    – May 2008: Trends and priorities in legal KM
  • Health SIG Meetings
    • Mar 2014: ‘Future perfect?’ – Opportunities for the information professional in the emerging health and social care sector
    • Apr 2013: Information and Advice Services in Social Care – What’s NEW?
    • Nov 2012: ‘The power of information’ – but who’s minding the shop?
    • Jun 2012: Promoting Innovation in Healthcare – the place of Current Awareness Services in the NHS of tomorrow?
    • Feb 2012: Commissioning information needs of GPs
    • Nov 2011: Information needs of GPs
    • May 2011: The provision of social care information from SCIE and NHS
    • Feb 2011: How DH Informatics are taking KM tools and techniques out into the NHS
    • Oct 2010: How DH Informatics are taking KM tools and techniques out into the NHS
    • Nov 2009 (1st):…
  • Sharepoint SIG Meetings
    • 2009, 2011-12: Sharepoint Summit
    • 2008: three one day SharePoint Summits

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