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The TFPL Connect Community1), hosted by TFPL, a specialist professional services company focusing on knowledge, information, library, records and web & content management, has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Special Interest Groups

  • Financial Services SIG (2014-…)
  • Health Special Interest Group (2009-2014)
  • Law Special Interest Group (2008)
  • SharePoint Special Interest Group (2008-2012)


TFPL Connect Meetings

    Jun 2014: Supporting the Hillsborough Independent Panel – Information Sharing & Information Privacy

    Dec 2013: What a difference a web makes
    Sep 2013: Knowledge management and innovation for an adaptable and successful organisation
    Jun 2013: The Value of Connections

    Nov 2012: TFPL Connect International: The changing balance of power in communication and information delivery
    Feb 2012: Can knowledge and information management really make an impact …

    Nov 2011: Developing collaborative behaviour to make knowledge work to support agile organisations (1st joint TFPL and Henley KM Forum event)
    Nov 2011: TFPL Connect International: Persuading, negotiating and influencing your way to achieving in 2012
    Jun 2011: Harnessing the power of networks
    Mar 2011: Staying one step ahead, what does it take to remain relevant in the knowledge and information management game?

    Nov 2010: Cash is tight, knowledge and information management is core: Building a strong market for knowledge and information management specialists
    Oct 2010: Connecting our Knowledge to make a Difference – A follow up on DePaul UK
    Sep 2010: Unlocking the Value of You
    Jun 2010: Connecting our knowledge to make a difference
    Feb 2010: Rhetoric, fashion or fact: today’s ideas about tomorrows knowledge and information management

    Nov 2009: TFPL Connect International: Key challenges and opportunities for knowledge and information management
    Oct 2009: Who’s in charge? Aligning knowledge and information management to business drivers
    Jul 2009: Fit for purpose? Knowledge & Information Management (KIM) strategies that make a difference
    Mar 2009: Themes and reflections from ebic 2008

    Jun 2008: The future of work – technology
    Feb 2008: The future of work – people

Law SIG Meetings

    May 2008: Trends and priorities in legal Knowledge Management

Health SIG Meetings

    Mar 2014: ‘Future perfect?’ – Opportunities for the information professional in the emerging health and social care sector

    Apr 2013: Information and Advice Services in Social Care – What’s NEW?

    Nov 2012: ‘The power of information’ – but who’s minding the shop?
    Jun 2012: Promoting Innovation in Healthcare – the place of Current Awareness Services in the NHS of tomorrow?
    Feb 2012: Commissioning information needs of GPs

    Nov 2011: Information needs of GPs
    May 2011: The provision of social care information from SCIE and NHS
    Feb 2011: How DH Informatics are taking Knowledge Management tools and techniques out into the NHS
    Oct 2010: How DH Informatics are taking Knowledge Management tools and techniques out into the NHS

    Nov 2009: 1st meeting

Sharepoint SIG Meetings

    2012 Sharepoint Summit
    2011 Sharepoint Summit
    2009 Sharepoint Summit
    2008: three one day SharePoint Summits

Bath Club – KM in the public sector2) (2002-2007)



    Dec 2007: Final meeting
    Jan 2007: The motion: “This house believes that within the foreseeable future useful, relevant and timely information will be delivered to the desktop untouched by human hand” (debate)

    Dec 2006: What makes a successful city in the knowledge-economy? Presenting findings from The Work Foundation’s Ideopolis: Knowledge-City Regions research
    Oct 2006: Developing Knowledge Management in a Customer Service Centre
    May 2006: Knowledge and information sharing in local authorities

    Nov 2004: Ministry of Defence’s Knowledge Management programme
    Sep 2004: The Inland Revenue story
    Jul 2004: Transformational leadership
    Jun 2004: Making an impact: one year on in TRL
    May 2004: Measuring the impact of Knowledge Management

    Dec 2003: The Department of Health Knowledge Management programme
    Oct 2003: Organisational culture: Knowledge Management friendly in the public sector
    Sep 2003: Enabling people to fly solo: exploring collaborative coaching
    Apr 2003: Changing information behaviours across the organisation
    Feb 2003: Building metadata into Knowledge Management

    Dec 2002: Building effective cross – boundary communities
    Oct 2002: Managing risk in the public sector: Knowledge Management, Information Management or Records Management?
    Aug 2002: Supporting an innovative society? (official launch meeting)


    CKO Summit for the public sector
    The CKO Summit for the public sector is a unique, practical, event where Chief Knowledge Officers from public sector organisations spend two days together sharing experiences, debating key knowledge management issues and working together to formulate new knowledge strategies. The public sector summit is sponsored by Thomson Dialog (2002-2005) and Thomson Sweet & Maxwell (2006)

    Conference History:

    5th CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 23-25 April 2006, Bath Priory, Bath, UK
    Conference Theme: Connecting for value: knowledge and information based public services

    4th CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 24-26 April 2005, Bath, UK
    Conference Theme: Towards a common framework: delivering joined up services though better knowledge and information management

    3rd CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 25-27 April 2004, Bath, UK
    Conference Theme: Joined-up knowledge strategies

    2nd CKO Summit for the Public Sector, April 2003, Bath, UK
    Conference Theme: Knowledge strategies for the public sector

    1st CKO Summit for the Public Sector, 21-23 April 2002, Bath, UK
    Conference Theme: Knowledge management in the public sector

Knowledge Leaders in Law (2003-2007)


    May 2006: Knowledge roles and behaviours – sharing questions & ideas (with PwC)

    Jun 2004: The PSL role: training, career progression and remuneration

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