The Knowledge Management Implementation Team

Abstract: Creating a knowledge management organisation should be considered in two phases; an implementation phase (the phase of organisational change; transforming the organisation to one which is fully knowledge-enabled) and the steady state phase (once the transformation has been completed).

This document describes some issues concerned with selecting an implementation working team to support the Program Leader (CKO) in delivery of an implementation program for Best Practice/Knowledge Management (KM). This team of people reports to the CKO, and has collective responsibility for achieving the objectives of implementation. Selecting the right people for this team is crucial to successful implementation. The main questions you need to answer in setting up the team are

  • How big should the team be?
  • What skills do you need in the team?
  • What areas of the business should be represented on the team?
  • Should the team be co-located or dispersed (virtual)?
  • How should the team be managed?

Nick Milton; Tom Young: Selecting and setting up a KM Implementation Team. Knoco White Paper.

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