Training and Education for Knowledge Management

Qiping Zhang and Michael E. D. Koenig: Knowledge management: library and information science writ large – Chapter 2: Training for KM. In: Jay Liebowitz (Ed.): A Research Agenda for Knowledge Management and Analytics. Edward Elgar Publishing (Elgar Research Agendas), 2021: 5-11

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  • In this article it is stated that the KMedu Hub is operated by the Association of Knowledge Work. (see chapter 2.3.6) This is not true and strange, because when Mr. Koenig, one of the authors, contacted us to check if the AOK is still operational (see comment), we replied, but without a word, that the KMedu Hub is a result of the AOK or that it is associated with the AOK in any way, neither today nor in the past.
  • In this article the US-based KM Institute is categorized under “Professional KM Organizations and Associations”. (see chapter 2.3.1) However, the KM Institute is not registered as an organization or association. It is simply a business or trademark of KM Mentor, LLC, providing certification and training in the field of Knowledge management. Therefore, it needs to be categorized under “Independent For-Profit KM Organizations”.
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