Chief knowledge officers & chief learning officers: 17 case studies

Abstract: Since the dawn of human resources (HR) as a profession, many of its practitioners have wished for a seat at the executive boardroom table. The emergence of the knowledge era presents just such an opportunity. It is now recognized as never before that what truly matters are human resources — people and what they know. An organization’s most valuable asset is its knowledge. But knowledge doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Knowledge is all about relationships and trust-peoples willingness to share what they know for the greater good within an organizational culture that encourages a free-flowing exchange of ideas and information.
This is why the HR role is so critical to the success of the knowledge era. Human resource professionals, unlike any others, stand poised to help create knowledge-friendly workplaces, where a mindset of continuous learning stimulates employee performance and replaces the old paradigm of training. These changes are going to require that each organization develop its own unique knowledge and learning strategies, which mus be directly related to its business goals and competitive strategy.
A new breed of senior-level positions, called chief knowledge officers (CKOs) and chief learning officers (CLOs), has evolved to lead this task. Large and small companies worldwide are creating the position – and similar hybrids – to design, develop, and coordinate new knowledge management and organizational learning initiatives. These positions represent a ground-floor opportunity for HR professionals to redefine their traditional functions and roles and become strategic partners with senior management.
Knowledge management needs the human performance aspects to be successful. This book is a series of case studies and lessons learned from organizations that have already put knowledge management into practice.


Part 1: The Challenge of Knowledge Management in Practice

The Knowledge Management Challenge: New Roles and Responsibilities for Chief Knowledge Officers and Chief Learning Officers, Product Id: 16883

Part 2: Knowledge Management, CKO, and CLO Pioneers

A Human Performance Approach to Knowledge Management
Andersen Consulting, Product Id: 16884

Managing Knowledge in an Oil Exploration Office
BP Amoco Norge (Norway Office), Product Id: 16885

Strategy and the Chief Learning Officer
Millbrooks Distribution Services

Part 3: Chief Knowledge Officers

Aligning Human Capital with Business Strategy
Foreign Bank and Luxury Retrail, Product Id: 16886

A Message from the Front: Implementing a Knowledge-Based Organization
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Product Id: 16887

Leading through Strategic Conversations
ENTOVATION International Ltd., Product Id: 16888

Part 4: Chief Learning Officers

Leveraging Core Competencies to Provide Continuous Learning Solutions
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Product Id: 16889

Action Learning and Organizational Design
Equiva Services LLC, Product Id: 16890

Supporting a Metamorphosis through Communities of Practice
The Document Company XEROX, Product Id: 16891

Hardwiring Learning Into Each Knowledge Line of the Enterprise
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

From Leadership to Learning
Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc., Product Id: 16892

Part 5: Informal Chief Learning Officers

Assuming the Role of CLO in a Hospital Setting
Lancaseter General Hospital, Product Id: 16893

The School Principal as Chief Learning Officer
Seven Exemplary Schools, Product Id: 16894

Dismantling and Rebuilding Learning Processes
Plante & Moran, LLP, Product Id: 16895

Part 6: Tools and Methods for CKOs and CLOs

Storytelling and other Organic Tools of Chief Knowledge Officers and Chief Learning Officers
IBM Global Services-Europe, Product Id: 16896

The Latest Management Tools for Chief Knowledge Officers and Chief Learning Officers
StockTrade, Product Id: 16897

Part 7: The Future of Knowledge Management and Human Resources

Shaping Human Resources Management Within the Knowledge-Driven Enterprise
Clarica Life Insurance Company

Dede Bonner is the president of New Century Management, a consulting and learning services firm she founded in 1988 in Leesburg, Virginia. Bonner works in a variety of organizational settings to help companies create improvement strategies for managing their knowledge, learning initiatives, and the career development of their employees. In addition, Bonner has been a professor of graduate-level business and human resource development courses at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, since 1991.

Dede Bonner (Ed.): Leading Knowledge Management and Learning: Seventeen Case Studies from the Real World of Training.* Alexandria, VA: ASTD Press (In Action Series), 2000

Copyright © ASTD.

* Originally the planned title of the book was “Knowledge Management in Practice: Chief Knowledge Officers and Chief Learning Officers”
** The book itself is not available anymore but some of the articles (see Contents).

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