Coming Soon: The Chief Knowledge Officer

Abstract: Some companies are creating room for a chief knowledge officer to manage unstructured information.

Many of the companies I work with are starting to seriously address the issue of information and knowledge management. One major step they are taking is to create the post of chief knowledge officer (CKO) or an equivalent role to manage the processes of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge. Organizations that have adopted this position include Hoffman-LaRoche, GE Lighting, Xerox PARC, and several consultancies, including Ernst &Young, Gemini, and McKinsey. A partner at a New York executive search firm says he is being asked to fill an increasing number of such jobs.The role of a chief knowledge officer is complex. Because the CKO is an unfamiliar concept, here are several potential aspects of the job:…

Tom Davenport: Coming Soon: The CKO. InformationWeek (Column), 9/5/94

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