Community Management: Role, Profession or Discipline?

Abstract: What is community management anyway? And who does it?

Are you a community manager? Are you sure?

In community circles there has always been a lot of discussion about what community management is, whether we actually call it that and who is responsible for it. In particular the word ‘management’ can cause particular angst because facilitating the growth of a community is almost completely counter to what many people think about ‘management’. I stick with management because community management is still a way of operating to generate value – it just happens to be a very different way of operating.

I think about community management in the same way I think about teaching. Everyone does it. Some people do it professionally. And anyone who wants to advance their career needs to do it well. Everyone works in interconnected, often overlapping, networks and the better people manage and use those networks the more successful they will be.

At The Community Roundtable, our mission is to shed light on what good professional community management looks like.

Rachel Happe: Community Management: A Role, a Profession or a Discipline? Rachel Happe’s LinkedIn Blog, Aug 28, 2015

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