Course Concept for preparing students for knowledge management

Abstract: In today’s society the ability to practice individual knowledge management has become a core competence. Schools are still the most important institutions for education and thus it is their duty to prepare students for their future (professional) life. Imparting knowledge management competences is a basic necessity that can be beneficial for the schools as well. Below a concept for preparing students for knowledge management is presented. It is based on the learning by design approach and appears to be well suited to improve students’ competence in this subject.

Key words: e-learning, individual knowledge management, situated learning, learning by design

Christian Berthold Schmidt, Michael Henninger: “Preparing students for the future”. Individual knowledge management as a basic skill and requirement for innovative teaching methods. In: Auer, Michael (Editor): The Future of Learning – Globalizing in Education. Proceedings of the ICL2008 – International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning, September 24 -26, 2008 Villach, Austria. Kassel, Germany: kassel university press, 2008.

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