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The Digital Government Institute (DGI) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge, Information, and Data Management Conference @930gov* 1)
  • Department of Defense Knowledge Management Conference & Expo (DoD KM)**
    An intensive one-day program to review the significant progress made by the DoD and military services to employ Knowledge Management tools and techniques for improved interoperability, business operations, and decision-support. The conference will highlight successful knowledge sharing initiatives underway, cross-boundary collaborations by DoD stakeholders, as well as barriers to further progress and discussion of how to remove them.

    • DoD Knowledge Management Conference & Expo, October 15, 2009, Washington, DC, USA
    • DoD Knowledge Management Conference & Expo, October 14, 2010, Washington, DC, USA

  • Government Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence Conference & Expo, Oct 16, 2008, Washington DC, USA
    Theme: Lets Get Practical: Real World Examples to Impact Your Agency Now
    This one day program will address how Knowledge management and Business Intelligence strategies, technologies, and solutions within the public sector lead to better business outcomes. Knowledge management and Business Intelligence professionals will attend to discuss lessons learned, best practices, and technology applications from a practical perspective.


  • Sep 2004: Knowledge Management Boot Camp: An Effective Knowledge Management Environment: Making It Happen


(Knowledge Centers/Technical Communities)

  • Big Data, Knowledge, Information & Data Management 2)


  • … on topics in Knowledge Management
    – Jun 2018: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    – Oct 2009: DoD Case Study Streamlining Knowledge and Information Sharing

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