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The European Regiowiki Society (ERS) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • RegioWikiCamp**
    The RegioWikiCamp is is an open conference for all RegioWiki projects in Europe and actors of related technologies and projects like Wikipedia Creative Commons Semantic Wiki OpenStreetMap media culture peer education public administration (Government 2.0) are addressed too. We also welcome: regio marketing professionals journalists researchers students In short: All people interested in RegioWikis and similar open content projects.

    Barcamp History:

    (CANCELLED?) RegioWikiCamp 2013, November 1-3, 2013, Córdoba, Spain
    (Host: TBD)

      Barcamp Sessions TBD

    RegioWikiCamp 2011, September 2-4, 2011, Brest, France
    (Host: Wiki-Brest/ City of Brest)

      Playing with maps to make people participate & Wiki-Brest
      Nizhny Novgorod Regiowiki
      Starting a local wiki in a district of a city
      Surviving SPAM
      High resolution fotos with ordinary camera
      Wiki backups
      Wikis + Maps + Mobility + Social = Augmented Territories
      City wikis and regio wikis in German language
      Multimedia-Integration in Wikis
      Generating static map images for Wikis
      Using Wikipedia and Regiowikis in School
      Free Content and Content Liberation

    RegioWikiCamp 2009, September 25-27, 2009, Furtwangen University, Furtwangen, Germany
    (Host: Faculty of Digital Media, Furtwangen University)

      wikiHow and encouraging collaboration
      Wissensmanagement 2.0 für Lokalredaktionen
      Integration of OSM and Wikimedia Commons
      Usability matters
      3 years Wiki-Brest + survey of French RegioWikis
      Semantic MediaWiki SMW+
      Using DokuWiki for Regiowiki projects
      Extremism in the Internet
      National or global brands for the Regiowiki movement?
      5 years of Stadtwiki Karlsruhe / Lessons learned
      Wikimedia Commons Datei:RegioWikiCamp-WikimediaCommons.pdf
      Voices and Stories in Regiowikis
      Civic Wikis Journalism
      Gouvernment Content contribution to Regiowikis
      Wikis in a Pulic-Private-Partnership
      Birth of FuWaWiki
      Politische Forderungen zur Stärkung der Wissensallmende
      E-Mail to Wiki Mashup
      Core elements of Net-Culture
      Fighting spam and vandalism in public wikis
      GTD – Self management for knowledge workers

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