Integration of Knowledge Management with the LIS Curriculum

Abstract: The growing recognition of the importance of knowledge management (KM) has led to calls for curriculum review in Library and Information Science (LIS). Drawing on the findings of a research project on the implications of KM for LIS education, this paper examines the focus of current LIS curricula in addressing KM and related concepts.
This issue has been investigated from the viewpoint of the LIS community using a webbased survey, followed by in-depth interviews with 18 LIS beads of schools or senior staff at schools operating KM programs and courses. The findings indicate that there is considerable interest within the LIS community in expanding their curricula to include a stronger element of KM. Specifically, this includes the intensive coverage of knowledge in all its forms, and the inclusion of more organizational, business and management issues in the curriculum along with an emphasis on the practical dimensions of knowledge management.

Afsaneh Hazeri, Bill Martin and Maryam Sarrafzadeh: Integration of Knowledge Management with the Library and Information Science Curriculum: Some Professional Perspectives. Journal of Education for Library & Information Science, 50 (3), 2009: 152-163.

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