International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK)*

International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK)*

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The International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK), organized by the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR), is a 3 day research forum with 2 days of pre-conference events (workshops, tutorials, and doctoral consortium), providing common ground for academics, administrators, software developers and companies to shape and debate the state of the art in learning analytics.

The conference is held in cooperation with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in association with the ACM Special Interest Group on Hypertext, Hypermedia and Web (SIGWEB) and the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer–Human Interaction (SIGCHI). Peer reviewed proceedings archived in the ACM Digital Library.

Conference History:

12th LAK Conference 2022, March 19-23, 2022, Newport Beach, California, USA / Virtual venue
Conference Theme: Learning Analytics for Transition, Disruption and Social Change
(Host: School of Education, University of California Irvine)

    Note: The conference format might chane into fully online. Final decision will be in October/November 2021

    Conference Sessions: (Mar 21-23)

    Pre-conference Workshops: (Mar 19-20)

11th LAK Conference 2021, April 12-16, 2021, Newport Beach, California, USA Virtual venue
Conference Theme: The impact we make: The contributions of learning analytics to learning
(Host: School of Education, University of California Irvine)

    Sessions: n.a.

    Panels: Equitable Learning Analytics – Why should everyone care?

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    Doctoral Consortium; The 7th LAKathon: Is Learning in Isolation a Mission Impossible?; CROSSMMLA Futures: Collecting and analysing multimodal data across the physical and the virtual; When Gamification meets Learning Analytics; Addressing Drop-Out Rates in Higher Education; Using Network Science in Learning Analytics: Building Bridges towards a Common Agenda; Responsible Learning Analytics: Creating just, ethical, and caring LA systems; LAK Theory 2021: Workshop on Theory and Learning Analytics; Human-Centred Learning Analytics; DesignLAK21: Rapid prototyping of learning analytics visualisations for learning design; The 3rd Workshop on Predicting Performance Based on the Analysis of Reading Behavior; Accessible Learning, Accessible Analytics: a Virtual Evidence Café; Playful Collaboration: Workshop on Design of Learning Analytics for Digital Game Use in the Classroom; Bayesian Knowledge Tracing with Python for Researchers and Practitioners; Towards a Philosophical Framework for Learning Analytics (POLA@LAK21); LALN: Building Capacity for Learning Analytics; A Tutorial on Data Storytelling for Learning Analytics Dashboards; LAK21 Assess: Workshop on Learning Analytics and Assessment; Engineering Learning Analytics Technology Environments (ELATE): Understanding iteration between data and theory, and design and deployment

10th LAK Conference 2020, March 25-27, 2020, Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany Cyberspace
Conference Theme: Celebrating 10 years of LAK: Shaping the future of the field
(Host: Leibnitz Institute for Research and Information in Education & Studiumdigitale, Goethe University Frankfurt)

    Sessions: n.a.

    Panels: —

    Pre-conference Workshops (CANCELLED, individual events might still run online): 6th LAKathon: Accelerating Development by Learning from the Past (2-Day Workshop); Learning Analytics Principles of Use: Making Ethics Actionable; Adoption, Adaptation and Pilots of Learning Analytics for Latin American Higher Education Institutions; Learning Analytic Services to Support Personalized Learning and Assessment at Scale; Modeling Digital Learning Networks; Evidence Based Decision Making in the Classroom (EBDM20); 3rd Personalising feedback at scale Workshop: teacher-driven action and dialogue; DesignLAK20: Developing quality standards for analytic measures of learning for learning design; Designing LA-supported learning activities with a collaborative learning design game; Integrating Multi-channel Learning Data to Model Complex Learning Processes; Building Capacity Through the Learning Analytics Learning Network; EdRecSys@LAK2020 – The 5th International Workshop on Educational Recommender Systems; Culturally inclusive learning analytics (#CILA); SPARK: A Learning Analytics Leadership FW; Let’s talk LA: Discussing Challenges for Institutional Adoption of Learning Analytics; XLA: Explainable insights, decisions, and actions in learning analytics; Quantitative ethnography as a framework for network analysis – a discussion of the foundations for network approaches to learning analysis; 2nd Workshop on Predicting Performance Based on the Analysis of Reading Behavior; Bringing together writing tool design, writing analytics and writing pedagogy; LAK Theory 2020: Workshop on Theory and Learning Analytics; Third Workshop on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): Integrate SEL and Learning Analytics; CrossMMLA in practice: Collecting, annotating and analyzing multimodal data across spaces; Conducting Programme Review Using a Learning Analytics Approach; Addressing Drop-Out Rates in Higher Education ADORE’2020; ; Learning Analytics goes to Schools (#LA4Schools): Knowledge transfer for sustainable adoption of learning analytics in schools; Doctoral Consortium (Invitation Only)

Note: Pre-conference events have been cancelled. However, organisers of individual events might still run them online; The conference was scheduled for March 23-27, 2020

9th LAK Conference 2019, March 4-8, 2019, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA
Conference Theme: Learning Analytics to Promote Inclusion and Success
(Host: School of Computing Informatics & Decision Systems Engineering & EdPlus, Arizona State University)

    Sessions: Keynotes; Novel Devices; Curriculum; Multimodal Analytics; Text Analytics; Predictive and Privacy; Dashboards; Classroom & Collaboration; Implementation; Self-Regulated Learning; Machine Learning; Reading Analytics; Games and Learning; Feedback and Measurement; Logging Activity; Educational Theory; Campus Experience; Design and Development; Dialogue & Engagement; Computational Methods; Intelligent Tutoring Systems; Design; Sequences; Posters & Demos

    Panels: Learning Sciences: Design and analysis strategies that promote inclusion and increase access; The future of AI in education: From knowledge-based systems to data-driven approaches; Institutional principles for handling data responsibly

    Pre-conference Workshops: Workshop on Learning Analytic Services to Support Personalized Learning and Assessment at Scale; Connectivism: Using learning analytics to operationalize a research agenda; International Workshop on Technology-Enhanced and Evidence-Based Education and Learning; 3rd CrossMMLA: Multimodal Learning Analytics Across Physical and Digital Spaces; Advances in Writing Analytics: Mapping the state of the field; Scalability and Sustainability of Learning Analytics Solutions (SASLAS19); Interdisciplinary Learning Analytics: What to Know, Who to Talk To, and How It’s Done; CANCELLED: Beyond Identifying Areas for Improvement in Schools: Using the NILS™ Online Platform to Accelerate Improvement Work; Try R: A Gentle Introduction to Using R for Learning Analytics; Diving in to Educational Experiments: Process, Evaluation, and Reasoning in Support of Learning (DEEPER Support of Learning); Innovative problem solving assessment with learning analytics; 3rd Annual Workshop of the Methodology in Learning Analytics Bloc (LAKMLA19); Workshop on Educational Data Visualization; Learning analytics in support of convergence; VISLA: Visual Approaches to Learning Analytics; Predicting Performance Based on the Analysis of Reading Behavior: A Data Challenge; 2nd Educational Data Mining in Computer Science Education (CSEDM) Workshop; CANCELLED: Learning Analytics Deployment Tactics: A meta-workshop; Fairness and Equity in Learning Analytics Systems (FairLAK); Workshop on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL): Assessment toward Diversity and Inclusion;Analyzing learners’ online behaviour for student success and course enhancement: Case-studies from Blackboard; Analytics as a Team Sport: Using Cloud-Based Tools to Support Data-Intensive Research-Practice Partnerships; DesignLAK19: Ensuring validity in assessment design and analytics; Building the Learning Analytics Curriculum for 2020 and Beyond; Sharing and Reusing Data and Analytic Methods with LearnSphere; Developing A Learning Analytics Community for Ethical Discourse; 2nd Personalising feedback at scale Workshop: Focusing on Approaches and Students; Exploiting data intelligence in education from three levels: Practice, challenges and expectations; 2nd Learning Analytics in Schools; 5th LAK Hackathon: Trusted and Inclusive Learning Analytics Across Spaces with New Tools, Standards and Infrastructures; Doctoral Consortium (Invitation only)

    Pre-conference Tutorials: AutoTutor Tutorial: Conversational Intelligent Systems and Learning Analytics; Python Bootcamp for Learning Analytics Practitioners; Supporting Feedback Processes at Scale with OnTask. A Hands-on Tutorial; How to Generate Actionable Predictions on Student Engagement: Hands-on Tutorial with Python Scikit-Learn

8th LAK Conference 2018, March 5-9, 2018, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Conference Theme: Towards User-Centred Analytics
(Host: )

    Sessions: Keynotes; Evaluation & Feedback; Dashboards; Retention; User-Centered Design; Discourse; Dashboards, Learning Design & Video; Performance Prediction; Self-Regulation; MOOCs; Institutional Adoption; Infrastructure; Academic Analytics; Policies; Multimodal; Adaptive Learning; Student Behavior; Theory; Demo & Posters

    Panels: How can Learning Analytics contribute to a wider notion of student success; Discourse-Centric Learning Analytics; Establishing Successful Partnerships between Academics & Private Industry: Pro Tips & Lessons Learned

    Pre-conference Workshops: Sharing and Reusing Data and Analytic Methods with LearnSphere; DesignLAK18: Evaluating systems and tools that link learning analytics and learning design; Turning the TAP on Writing Analytics; Building the Learning Analytics Curriculum; Participatory Design of Learning Analytics (PD-LAK); Orchestrating Learning Analytics: Learning Analytics Adoption at the Classroom Level; Personalising feedback at scale: approaches and practicalities; Co-creating Dashboards by Aggregating Concept Maps; CrossMMLA: Multimodal Learning Analytics Across Physical and Digital Spaces; Methodology for Measurement of Learning in Learning Analytics; Developing an evidence-based institutional learning analytics policy; 2nd Annual Workshop of the Methodology in Learning Analytics Bloc (LAKMLA18); Workshop on Online Learning Non-Cognitive Assessments at Scale; Launching a Career in Learning Analytics; Involving Stakeholders in Learning Analytics: Opportunity or Threat for Learning Analytics at Scale?; Make your courses count!: How to create a digital analytics model to measure the success of online courses; 1st Learning Analytics in Schools; 4th LAK Hackathon: Benefiting Learning through novel data sources, standards and infrastructure; Doctoral Consortium

7th LAK Conference 2017, March 13-17, 2017, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Conference Theme: Understanding, Informing and Improving Learning with Data
(Host: Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University)

    Sessions: Keynotes; LA Infrastructure; Modelling Student Behaviour; Students at-Risk: (1) Studies, (2) Systems; Improving Learning; Understanding Discourse; LA Ethics; Understanding Student Behaviour: (1) Multimodal Analytics, (2) Engagement; Self-Regulated Learning; Reflective Writing; Learning Design; LA Policies; Teacher Support Tools; Skill Assessment; Student Support Tools; Feedback Systems; LA Adoption: (1) Recommendations, (2) Experiences; Understanding Student Behaviour: (1) General, (2) Help-Seeking/Search; Adaptive Learning; Affective Learning; Retention; Poster Session & Technology Showcase

    Round Tables: Pathways for Strengthening Links Between Researchers and Industry in Learning Analytics; Building institutional Infrastructure for Learning Analytics – Strategy, People, and Technology; SoLAR: Initiatives, Opportunities, and Getting Involved

    Pre-conference Workshops: DesignLAK17: Quality metrics and indicators for analytics of assessment design at scale; 2nd Cross-LAK: Learning Analytics Across Physical and Digital Spaces; Learning Analytics and Policy (LAP) – international aspirations, achievements and constraints; Building the Learning Analytics Curriculum; FutureLearn data: what we currently have, what we are learning and how it is demonstrating learning in MOOCs; Workshop on Integrated Learning Analytics of MOOC Post-Course Development; LA Policy: Developing an Institutional Policy for Learning Analytics using the RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach; Writing Analytics Literacy – Bridging from Research to Practice; Current and Future Multimodal Learning Analytics Data Challenges; Community Based Educational Data Repositories and Analysis Tools; Developing Institutional Learning Analytics ‘Communities of Transformation’ to Support Student Success; Workshop of the Methodology in Learning Analytics Bloc; 3rd LAK Hackathon: Getting the right information to the right people so they can take the right action; 2nd LAK Failathon: Beyond Failure

    Pre-conference Tutorials: Quasi-Experimental Design for Causal Inference Using Python and Apache Spark: A Hands-on Tutorial; Connecting Data with Student Support Actions in a Course: A Hands-on Tutorial

6th LAK Conference 2016, April 25-29, 2016, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Conference Theme: Learning Analytics & Knowledge: Convergence of Communities
(Host: Schools of Education and Informatics, University of Edinburgh)

    Sessions: Keynotes; Discourse analytics; Learner models; Analytic visualisations and dashboards; Institutional perspectives; Personalization; Theoretical and conceptual models; xAPI; Supporting learning and achievement; Collaborative learning; LA challenges, accessibility and ethics; Determination of off task – on task behaviors; Learning tools and interventions; Methodological reflections; Proficiency and positioning; Learning design and analytics; Bayesian modeling; Real time data; Supporting SRL and 21st century skills; Overcoming obstacles; Predictive modelling; Teaching and teacher analytics; Institutional perspectives and challenges; MOOC discussion analysis; Language, writing, and interaction

    Panels: Physiological data and LA; Learning analytics visions of the future; Institutional Learning Analytics centres; Community Building Panel

    Pre-conference Workshops: Learning design and feedback processes at scale: Stocktaking emergent theory and practice; Critical Perspectives on Writing Analytics; Learning Analytics for Workplace and Professional Learning; Cross-LAK: Workshop on Learning Analytics Across Physical and Digital Spaces; Putting Temporal Analytics into Practice: The 5th International Workshop on Temporality in Learning Data; Extending the IMS Caliper Analytics Information Model with Learning Activity Profiles; EP4LA: Ethical and Privacy Issues in the Design of Learning Analytics Applications; Learning Analytics for Curriculum and Program Quality Improvement; LAL Workshop: Learning Analytics for Learners; Multimodal Learning Analytics Data Challenges; Data literacy for Learning Analytics; Workshop of Smart Environments and Analytics on Video-Based Learning (SE@VBL); Learning Through Goal Setting; LAK Failathon; 2nd LAK Hackathon: Jisc / Apereo Learning Analytics Hackathon

    Pre-conference Tutorials: Introduction to Data Mining for Educational Researchers; Educational Data Mining with Python and Apache Spark: A Hands-on Tutorial

    Co-located Conferences: ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale, Apr 25-26

5th LAK Conference 2015, March 16-20, 2015, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
Conference Theme: Scaling Up: Big Data to Big Impact
(Host: Information Technology for Digital Education, Marist College)

    Sessions: Keynotes; MOOCs – Assessments, Connections and Demographics; Student Engagement and Behaviour; Indicators and Tools for Awareness; Off-Task Behaviour/ Bayesian Knowledge Tracing; Writing and Discourse Analysis; Learning Analytics Tools & Frameworks; Multilevel, Multimodal and Network Analysis; Curricula, Network and Discourse Analysis; Open Learning Analytics and Tutoring Systems; Institutional Perspectives; Students At Risk; Practice Across Boundaries; Learning Strategies and Tools; Text & Discourse Analysis; Theoretical Foundations & Frameworks for; Predicting Achievement; MOOCs – Discussion Forums; Student Performance; Alternative Methods of Improving Learning; Interventions and Remediation; Analyses with LMS Data

    Panels: State of the Field Expert Panel

    Pre-conference Workshops: It’s About Time: 4th International Workshop on Temporal Analyses of Learning Data (Workshop) – AM
    2nd International Workshop on Open Badges in Education – From Learning Evidence to Learning Analytics
    VISual Approaches to Learning Analytics (VISLA); Ethics and Privacy in Learning Analytics (EP4LA); CANCELLED – Graph Analytics (GLAK); 1st Open Learning Analytics Hackathon: From research to delivery, building production worthy dashboards; 3rd LAK Data Challenge (combined with the afternoon session of the VISLA); Doctoral Consortium

    Pre-conference Tutorials: Topic Modeling for Learning Analytics Researchers; Hands-on with Bayesian Knowledge Tracing: Assessment and Hypothesis Testing in Digital-Ed

4th LAK Conference 2014, March 24-28, 2014, Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Conference Theme: Intersection of learning analytics research, theory and practice
(Host: Teaching & Learning Technologies Section, Purdue University)

    Sessions: Keynotes (w. 1:15 h Discussion); Process Mining; Predictive Models and Recommendations; Alternative Analytics; Learning Mathematics; MOOCs; Learning Analytics for “at risk” Students; Text Analytics and Collaborative Environments; Institutional Perspectives; Analysis of Resource Use in LMS; Learning Analytics and Learning Design; Discourse and Argumentation; Who We Are and Who We Want to Be; Posters and Demos; Doctoral Consortium Posters

    Panels: Setting Learning Analytics in Context: Overcoming the Barriers to Large-Scale Adoption; Learning Analytics for the Social Media Age; Building Institutional Capacities and Competencies for Systemic Learning Analytics Initiatives

    Pre-conference Workshops: Computational Approaches to Connecting Levels of Analysis in Networked Learning; Second International Workshop on Discourse-Centric Learning Analytics; Learning Analytics and Machine Learning; LAK Data Challenge 2014; Doctoral Consortium

    Pre-conference Workshops: Introduction to Data Mining for Educational Researchers; Epistemic Network Analysis

3rd LAK Conference 2013, April 8-12, 2013, University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Conference Theme: Dialectics in Learning Analytics
(Host: Computer Science Department, University of Leuven)

    Sessions: Keynotes; Visualization to support awareness and reflection; Sequence analytics; Design briefings; Multi-discplinarity of LAK; Supporting teachers; Predictive analytics; MOOCs; Communication and collaboration; Challenges; Discourse analytics; Assessment; Affective Analysis; Behavior analysis; Social network analysis and visualization; Analytic Architectures; Poster session and demos

    Panels: Educational Data Scientists – A Scarce Breed; Crafting Transformative Strategies for Personalized Learning/Analytics; Recent and Desired Future Trends in Learning Analytics Research

    Pre-conference Workshops: Analytics on Video-Based Learning (WAVE); 1st International Workshop on Discourse-Centric Learning Analytics (DCLA); Learning Object Analytics for Collections, Repositories & Federations (LACRO); Open Discovery Space workshop on Communities Analytics through the Open Socially Empowered e-Learning Portal (ODS); 2nd International Workshop on Teaching Analytics (IWTA); Doctoral Consortium

    Pre-conference Tutorials: Learning Curve Analysis using DataShop; Computational Methods and Tools for Social Network Analysis of Networked Learning Communities (SNA); Using Linked Data in Learning Analytics

2nd LAK Conference 2012, April 29 – May 2, 2012, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Conference Theme:
(Host: School of Information, University of British Columbia & Arts Instructional Support and Information Technology, University of British Columbia)

    Sessions: Keynotes; Social Learning Analytics; Adaptive/Recommender Systems; Analytics for Reflective Learning; Institutional Perspectives; Visual Analytics; Educator Interventions; Textual Analytics & Analytics Infrastructure; Empirical Studies; Educational Data Mining; Predictive Modeling

    Pre-conference Workshops: 1st International Workshop on Learning Analytics with the Web of (Linked) Data (#LALD); Connecting Levels and Methods of Analysis in Networked Learning Communities; The Ethics of Labelling Students (was: Learning Analytics and Higher Education: Ethical Perspectives); Where Learning Analytics Meets Learning Design

1st LAK Conference 2011, February 27-March 1, 2011, Athabasca University, Banff, Alberta, Canaday
Conference Theme: Scaling Up: Big Data to Big Impact
(Host: Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute, Athabasca University)

    Sessions: Keynotes; Presentations; Ideas and Innovations Sessions

    Co-located: Open Course on Learning and Knowledge Analytics (Feb 10-20)

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