International Society for Professional Innovation Management Innovation Summit (ISPIM Innovation Summit)**

International Society for Professional Innovation Management Innovation Summit (ISPIM Innovation Summit)**

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The International Society for Professional Innovation Management Innovation Summit (ISPIM Innovation Summit), until 2013 the ISPIM Innovation Symposium and in 2014 the ISPIM Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum, is the ISPIM event for the ASEAN Region. It facilitates insight and interaction between world-class speakers, researchers, business and society’s leaders in the local innovation context. It provides a platform for the latest innovation understanding to be shared through presentations, discussion circles, case studies and tours.

Conference History:

ISPIM Innovation Summit, 10-13 December 2017, Melbourne, Australia
(hosted by RMIT University)
Summit Theme: Building the Innovation Century

ISPIM Innovation Summit, December 4-7 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(supported by Alpha Catalyst Consulting)
Summit Theme: Moving the Innovation Horizon

ISPIM Innovation Summit, 6-9 December 2015, Brisbane, Autralia
(hosted by Queensland University of Technology)
Summit Theme: Changing the Innovation Landscape

ISPIM Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum, 7-10 December 2014, Singapore
(hosted by Singapore Management University)

6th ISPIM Innovation Symposium, 8-11 December 2013, Melbourne, Australia
(hosted by the Victorian Universities Innovation Management Network (VUIMN))
Symposium Theme: Innovation in the Asian Century

5th ISPIM Innovation Symposium, 9-12 December 2012, Seoul, Korea
(hosted by KISTEP – Korea Institute of Science & Technology Evaluation and Planning)
Symposium Theme: Stimulating Innovation: Challenges for Management, Science & Technology

4th ISPIM Innovation Symposium, 29 November – 2 December 2011, Wellington, New Zealand
(hosted by Victoria Management School)
Symposium Theme: Managing Innovation for Sustained Productivity: Creating Advantage and Resilience

3rd ISPIM Innovation Symposium, 12-15 December 2010, Quebec City, Canada
(hosted by National Optics Institute/Institut National d’Optique)
Symposium Theme: Managing the Art of Innovation: Turning Concepts into Reality

2nd ISPIM Innovation Symposium, 6-9 December 2009, New York City, USA
(hosted by The Fashion Institute of Technology)
Symposium Theme: Stimulating Recovery – The Role of Innovation Management

1st ISPIM Innovation Symposium, 14-17 December 2008, Singapore
(hosted by Singapore Management University and supported by Product Development and Management Association)
Symposium Theme: Managing Innovation in a Connected World

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