JAIST International Symposium on Knowledge Science (ISOKS)

JAIST International Symposium on Knowledge Science (ISOKS)

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The JAIST International Symposium on Knowledge Science (ISOKS) is a two-day symposium, organized by the Academic Field of Knowledge Management of the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology’s School of Knowledge Science. It is to explore new dimensions of Knowledge Science specially focusing on Systems Science, Innovation Management, and Service Science.

Conference History:

JAIST International Symposium on Knowledge Science (ISOKS), March 14-15, 2016, Kanazawa, Japan

    Session: Service science and knowledge Science
    ”Entanglement” of Knowledge Science and Service Science: a personal perspective
    Service Capability in the Context of Japanese Creative Services
    Knowledge and Value: A Service Marketing Perspective
    Transformative service research for improving collective well-being
    On Business Ethnography: Anthropological methods for identifying
    customers hidden needs
    Framework for Sharing the Design Processes of Peer Support Services for Diabetics
    Understanding How We Learn: A Case Study on Learner-Mentor Interaction Model
    Developing a Service Communication Base based on Business Process Modeling: Description of Exception Handling in Service Encounters
    Knowledge in Philosophy and X-Phi

    Session: Systems science and knowledge science
    Creativity and Systems Methodology
    From Systems Thinking to Systems Intelligence – Bringing Human Behavior into the FocusRecent Development of Games with Unawareness
    Language and communication in knowledge co-creation from the viewpoint of language evolution
    A Shape of Agent-Based Modeling to Come
    Integrated Uncertainty Modelling for Data Mining and Decision Making

    Session: Innovation management and knowledge science
    Innovation Design and Management for Advanced Smart Society (Society 5.0)
    Software Engineering of Uncertainty in the Third Economic Revolution Era
    Community resource development: Role of knowledge in ensuring biocultural diversity
    Formal Modeling of Systems and Its Applications
    Industrial Big Data Analytics and Industry 4.0 for Future Manufacturing & Service Innovation
    Technology and Innovation Management: Research, Teaching and Integration in Practice
    Integration of Theoretical, Experimental, Computational and Data-Centric Sciences: The case of Materials Informatics

    Panel discussion:
    The future of knowledge science

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