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Knowledge and Information Professionals Association (KIPA), formerly the Green Country Knowledge and Information (GC-KIP) Society, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Multidisciplinary Information Research Symposium (MISR)* 1)
  • Knowledge & Information Professional Association Conference (KIPA Conference)**
  • Knowledge and Project Management Symposium (KPM Symposium)** 2)


(Quarterly meetings)

  • Aug 2012: Knowledge Management Reinvents Fire!
  • May 2012: Knowledge Management Initiatives: Why haven’t we done this already?
  • Feb 2012: Communities of Practice: Best Practices & Lessons Learned
  • Aug 2011: Developing the “Wise” Organization: Making Knowledge Management a Continuing Capability
  • May 2011: Knowledge Retention in an Electronic World
  • Feb 2011: Williams Midstream Knowledge Management Strategy


(Knowledge Management Workshops Series)

  • Apr 2007 (6th Workshop): Libraries in the Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Oct 2006 (5th Workshop): Information Security and Privacy
  • May 2006: (4th Workshop): Knowledge Management in Project Management 3)

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