Knowledge management education in Australia

Abstract: This paper surveys the formal KM courses currently offered in Australia. It is a part of a wider project by Charles Sturt University’s Community of Scholars, ‘Matching Users with Information’, which seeks to establish the state of knowledge of KM among LIS professionals, the extent to which they are finding positions in the KM sector, the extent to which they are practising identifiable KM processes in their work in the LIS sector and whether they are receiving the educational preparation and/or professional development opportunities required to practise KM. Here the focus is the content of KM courses in Australia and the extent to which the understanding and skills developed by students of these programs overlap with those which the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) requires as core knowledge and skills for the LIS sector. The paper also reviews other attempts to identify the core skills and understanding required in the KM field, including the recent Australian standard.

Stuart Ferguson and Philip Hider: Knowledge management education in Australia. In: Hider, P.; Pymm, B. (Eds.): Education for Library and Information Services: A Festschrift to Celebrate Thirty Years of Library Education at Charles Sturt University. Wagga Wagga, NSW: Charles Sturt University (CIS Occasional Publications No. 2), 2006.

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