Knowledge Management, Learning & Communication Forum (KMLC)

Knowledge Management, Learning & Communication Forum (KMLC)

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The Knowledge Management, Learning & Communication Forum (KMLC) brings together the leaders in the fields of Knowledge Management, learning and communication to interactively demonstrate through case studies and strategies on recognising the correlation between the three and how to make them work together that will translate into bringing all these skills to the next level within your organisation.

Conference History:

The Art of: Knowledge Management, Learning & Communication, 22 February 2018, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

    Conference Workshops:
    KMLC World Cafe: (Table 1) How does Knowledge Management work within Learning and Communication?; (Table 2) How does Learning work within Knowledge Management and Communication?; (Table 3) How does Communication work within Learning and Knowledge Management?

    Case Studies:
    Bio-physical and water policy modelling in Northern Victoria and resilient agricultural industry development
    The Development of a Knowledge and Learning Strategy, and then integrating Communication (Fred Hollows Foundation)
    Creating an Effective Communication Environment (TransUrban)
    Emergency Management Victoria: The Whole of Process Case Study
    Australian Stock Exchange Case Study Presentation (TBC)

    xAPI: The X factor for Learning, Knowledge management and Communication?

    Co-located Conferences:
    Change and Communication Days Australia 2018 :Change & Innovation Movement Forum (Feb 20); Strategic Internal Communication Integrated Workshops (Feb 21)

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