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The knowman consulting company offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

(In-house) Training

  • Knowledge Management Starter workshop
  • Knowledge Management Booster workshop
  • Formação em criatividade e inovação (Amorim & Irmãos) – in-house
  • Workshop “Papel dos RH na Criação e Retenção de Conhecimento Organizacional” (APCER)
  • Workshops “Achieving Purposeful Collaboration & Effective Knowledge Flows”
  • Formação sobre redes e ferramentas sociais (PASC)“
  • Workshop “Reducing Risk and Enhancing Value by Capturing and Exploiting Critical Knowledge”


  • Social Now*
      Social Now, formerly for some time Social Now Europe, is an international event with a unique format, conceived to help you choose tools for the social organisation, whilst reminding you of the importance of adoption and accompanying processes.

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