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The Management Development Research Foundation (MDRF) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Centre for Knowledge Management

Spartacus India 1)


  • National Conference on Knowledge Management (NCKM)**

    The National Conference on Knowledge Management (NCKM) is primarily an academic event which provides an interactive platform to scholars and practicing managers to share their views, research findings, and critique of contemporary issues in the field of Knowledge Management. NCKM also aims at augmenting industry-academia interface on current issues in fast changing Knowledge Management domain in India as well as the world.

    Conference History:

    2nd NCKM 2012, 27 May 2012, Management Development Research Foundation, New Delhi, India

      Best Practices; Knowledge Sharing; Knowledge Repositories; Communities of Practice; Knowledge Ecosystem; Knowledge Engineering; Knowledge Management Systems; Information Science & Technology; Social network analysis/Social software; Any other Knowledge Management Issue

    1st NCKM 2011, 29 May 2011, Management Development Research Foundation, New Delhi, India

      Critique of Concepts and Theories of Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management practices/systems in Indian Companies; Social and political aspects of Knowledge Management; Knowledge sharing in collaborative work environments; Knowledge sharing strategies and organizational structure; HRM issues related to innovation and knowledge sharing; Information Science & Communication Technologies

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