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The Northeastern University (NU, NEU or Northeastern) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

College of Professional Studies 1)

Graduate Degrees

Graduate School of Education

  • Graduate Certificate Adult and Organizational Learning (online)

Graduate Certificates in Management and Leadership

  • Graduate Certificate in Knowledge Management (on-campus/online)**
      2004-2006 (online)
      Required Courses
      KM 3101 Knowledge Management Strategy
      KM 3121 Creating Knowledge-Based Organizations
      KM 3141 Leveraging Technology for Managing Knowledge

      Elective Courses (Choose one)
      KM 3151 Knowledge Management Applications
      IP 3240 Business Aspects of Intellectual Property
      IP 3300 Technology Licensing

      2001-2003 (on-campus; 1 year; six-courses)
      KM 3100 Knowledge Management Strategy (alternate weeks with KM 3110)
      KM 3110 Managing Product Knowledge (alternate weeks with KM 3100)
      KM 3120 Managing Communities of Practice Wednesdays
      KM 3130 Intellectual Property Law and Managemen
      KM 3140 Technological Infrastructure
      KM 3150 Managing Customer Knowledge

Khoury College of Computer Sciences > Network Science Institute (NetSI)

Graduate Prograns/Degrees

  • Interdisciplinary Network Science PhD program 2)


  • Summer Institute in Network Science and its Applications (SINSA) 3)

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