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Phowad Solution (PSL) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Courses

  • Certified Knowledge Manager (KM Institute) 1)
    – Aug 2019

Training Courses

  • 2020/21:
    KM01 Knowledge Management Implementation for Knowledge Management Champions (5 days)
    KM02 Knowledge Mapping (5 days)
    KM03 Knowledge Transfer and Retention Training (5 days)
    KM04 Effective Knowledge Management Practices for Efficient Service Delivery (5 days)
    KM05 Launching and Sustaining Comminities of Practices (3 days)
    KM06 ISO 20401:2018 Knowledge management Systems Course (5 days)
  • 2019:
    Knowledge Management course (2 days)
  • 2018:
    Knowledge Management Awareness Training
    Knowledge Management Basic Primer
    Knowledge Management Planning Workshop
    Knowledge Management Training for Knowledge Management Champions
    Knowledge Management Master Class
    Knowledge Mapping
    Knowledge Management Metrics
    Knowledge Management for Innovation, Research and Development
    Launching and Sustaining Communities of Practice
    Knowledge Management Strategy Development
    Knowledge Retention and Transfer
    Effective lesson learning
    Project Knowledge Capture Workshop
  • 2016:
    Stakeholder Engagement & Business Case Development
    Knowledge Management Assessment & Strategy Development
    Communities of Practice
    Team Learning Processes
    Knowledge Sharing & Transfer (including Social Media & Generational Adaptations)
    Knowledge Harvesting & Capture (including Knowledge Elicitation, Distillation and Packaging, and approaches to ‘Lessons Learned’)
    Best Practice Transfer)
    Knowledge Management Organization (Structures, Governance, Roles, Operating Principles)
    Knowledge Management Project Management
    Knowledge Management Facilitation & Change Management


  • Knowledge Management Conference (KMC)** 2)

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