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The Sudanese Knowledge Society (SKS) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Sudanese Knowledge Society (SKS) Symposium/Workshop*
  • Cultural Aspects of Health, 19-18 March 2017, Sudan Medical Heritage Foundation, Khartoum, Sudan
    (Organizer: Sudan Medical Heritage Foundation; Co-organizer: Sudanese Knowledge Society)


Monthly Seminars (at the Impact Hub Khartoum; until 2018: Museum of Natural History, University of Khartoum)

    Feb 2023: Violence and its impact on the right to health (w. Block of civil society organizations in Darfur “Kamd”)
    Jan 2023: Violence and human interference (w. Block of civil society organizations in Darfur “Kamd”)

    Sep 2021: International Conference on Appropriate Technology (ICAT) Stories: Part 4-5
    Sep 2021: International Conference on Appropriate Technology (ICAT) Stories: Part 1-3

    Apr 2020: Information and Communication Technology Vision (online event)
    Mar 2023: Planning Communications and Information Policies in Sudan: Formulating a Citizen-Centered Policy (w. Sudanese ICT Advisory Group)
    Mar 2020: Violence and its impact on production and producers (w. Block of civil society organizations in Darfur “Kamd”)

    Aug 2019: Sudanese Revolution and the use of visual discourse – The Murals of the Sudanese Revolution as a Model

    Dec 2018: (POSTPONED) Archaeology and the Arts in Sudan (in collaboration with the Main Library of the University of Khartoum)
    Nov 2018: The Universe! From Quantum Fluctuations to Large-Scale Structures
    Sep 2018: Towards Enhancing individual leadership, social inclusion, and participation through the best utilization of social media
    Aug 2018: Arabic Natural Language Processing (CANCELLED)
    Jul 2018: Khartoum through the lens of the linguistic landscape: hidden messages of public space
    May 2018: National strategic planning and industry vision
    Mar 2018: Rainforest agriculture in Gedaref: between popular knowledge and innovative technologies
    Jan 2018: Back and Forth: Dialectics of Gender and Policies

    Sep 2017: Professor Jaafar Abbas talks about his experience in the field of media
    Aug 2017: Reflections of Human Awareness and Knowledge (Sudanese Medical Heritage Foundation)
    Jul 2017: Anas Al Ketab – 60 Years of Writing (with Sudanese Writers’ Union)
    Apr 2017: Engineering Memory Initiative
    Mar 2017: Words in the environment and agriculture are only available in Sudan

    Dec 2016: Launch of Two Books: Poor People Energy Outlook & Resthink, Retool, Reboot (with Practical Action Sudan)
    Oct 2016: Bridging the Generation Gap
    Aug 2016: A Bibliography of Biomedical Literature on Sudan in the 20th Century
    Jul 2016: Responsible Wellbeing and Knowledge Management for Smart Microgrids: Smart Energy for the Future; ICT Services in Sudan (with Sudanese Medical Engineering Society)
    May 2016: Knowledge Economy: Concept and application in Sudan and measurement problem
    Apr 2016: Preparing Human Capital for Economic Development
    Mar 2016: Knowledge Management for Excellence
    Feb 2016: The Foresight Advantage: Sudanese Knowledge Society (SKS) in 2025; Conversation on Ethics in Researc
    Jan 2016: Smart Knowledge Management Model: The Integrated Knowledge Management Revolutionary Approach for Organisational Excellence


Annual Assembly Breakfast

  • Jun 11 2017: SKS annual Iftar Ramadan
  • Jun 25 2016: Annual Breakfast of the Sudanese Knowledge Society
  • Jul 4 2015: SKS annual Iftar
  • Jun 2012: 1st General Assembly
  • Apr 2012: Large meeting befre SKS registration


  • Sep 2021: ICAT Stories – International Conferences on Appropriate Technology (ICAT) Personal SKS Members’ Stories/Experiences (4 Sep – 2 Oct, every Saturday)


  • Raspberry Pi Competition

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  1. I’m looking for Sudanese national who have a good experience in teaching KM course for post graduate programes holding a PhD

    (KMedu Hub Note: Replied by eMail on Apr 4, 2019 – Boris)

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