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SIKM Leaders Community

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The SIKM Leaders Community, originally named the Systems Integration Knowledge Management Leaders Community, is a community of Knowledge Management leaders from firms around the world. It was created in 2005 by Stan Garfield for Systems Integration and Consulting firms, but soon expanded to include all Knowledge Management leaders. The goal is to share experiences and

Social Now – Enabling Engaged, High-performing Teams*

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Social Now, formerly for some time Social Now Europe, is an international event with a unique format, conceived to help you choose tools for the social organisation, whilst reminding you of the importance of adoption and accompanying processes. Social Now organizer is Knowman consulting (Portugal), host is Samuel Driessen (The Netherlands).

Digital Work Forum*

Knowledge Management conferences| Knowledge Management education & training worldwide

Der Informations- & Organisations-Management Summit (IOM Summit) ist die zweitägige Fachkonferenz mit Workshops und Pre-Konferenz Seminaren zum Intranet- & Kollaborationsmanagement, Digital Workplace sowie zur digitalen Transformation der Organisation. Der Summit versteht sich als Jahrestreff der Digital Workplace, Social Collaboration & Social Intranet Experten. Im Mittelpunkt der Konferenz stehen praktische Erfahrungen von Projektverantwortlichen.