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Enterprise Knowledge (EK) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Enterprise Knowledge Graphs Meetup*

Certification Training Courses

Knowledge Graph University: Foundations for Artificial Intelligence (3, 10, or 16 hours)

    Module 1: Ontology Basics (Ontology Fundamentals | Certified Graph Practitioner | Advanced Graph Engineer)
    Module 2: Ontologs Design (Certified Graph Practitioner | Advanced Graph Engineer)
    Module 3: Advanced Ontology Design and Data Modeling (Certified Graph Practitioner | Advanced Graph Engineer)
    Module 4: Ontology and Graph Implementation (Advanced Graph Engineer)
    Module 5: Advanced Knowledge Graph Implementation (Advanced Graph Engineer)

Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS) @ KM Institute

  • CKS in Business Taxonomy & Ontology (was: CKS in Taxonomy)
  • CKS in Agile and Design Thinking for Knowledge Management**

Training Courses

  • Semantic Large Language Models (LLMs) Accelerator (10-12 weeks)
  • Knowledge Graph Accelerator Workshop (4, 6 or 8 weeks)
  • Knowledge Graph Design Workshop (2 days)
  • Knowledge Management Strategy Workshop (2 days)
  • Taxonomy Master Class (2 days @ KM Institute)**
  • Semantic Web Starter Kit – Kick-off Workshop & Web-based Training
  • Business Taxonomy Workshop – Align Your Organizational Knowledge to Create a Taxonomy Design and Strategy Focused on Real Stakeholders
  • Action Oriented Search Workshop – Focus on Findability to Transform Search into Action and Organizational Value
  • Taxonomy Design Workshop**
  • Information & Systems Governance and Implementation Workshop**


    Jun 2023: Knowledge Productivity in the Age of AI
    Jun 2021: Headless CMS in Action: Understanding What it is and How it Can be Used in Your Organization
    Jan 2021: Knowledge Management Becomes Business Critical as Knowledge Graphs Improve Decision Making and Efficiency
    May 2020: Give the People What They Want – An Approach to Thoughtful KM Technology @ Midwest KM Symposium 2020; Building a Connected Search Experience: Bringing KM and AI Together to Fuel Findability
    Apr 2020: The Value of KM for Remote Work; KM: Nothing To Wine About; Enterprise AI Readiness: Ensure You’re Prepared to Meet Your Organization’s AI Needs
    Nov 2019: Making KM Clickable (Powering Great Enterprise Search with KM)
    Sep 2019: Laying KM Foundations for Successful and Transformative AI

    Nov 2013: Taxonomy Design for Drupal
    Oct 2013: Best Practices for Architecting Taxonomy and Metadata in an Open-Source Environment

Unlocking Business Value with a Semantic Layer webinar series

    Feb 2024: Defining the Semantic Layer
    Mar 2024: Semantic Layer Real Stories and Case Studies
    Apr 2024: Semantic Layer Technical Deep Dive
    May 2024: The Semantic Layer as the Foundation for AI

Short Takes: (KM Explained)

    Knowledge Management Benchmarking
    Fixing Enterprise Search
    Defining Knowledge Management Strategy
    Knowledge Management and Making Connections
    Taxonomy in 60 Seconds


  • Knowledge Cast (interviews w. practitioners and industry experts)
  • Knowledge Cast – Product Spotlight
  • Knowledge Cast – KM Trends
      Feb 2024: Semantic Layer
      Oct 2023: Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI)
      Feb 2023: Knowledge Management Portals Discussion
      May 2021: Exploring Headless CMS


Enterprise Knowledge Graphs Meetup

    May 2019: Cybersecurity Analysis with Graphs
    April 2019: High-Value Content & Transforming Data into Actionable Knowledge
    Feb 2019: Knowledge Graphs as the Basis for Relevant Content Recommendations

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