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Enterprise Knowledge (EK) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Enterprise Knowledge Graphs Meetup*

Certification Training Courses

Knowledge Graph University: Foundations for Artificial Intelligence (3, 10, or 16 hours)

    Module 1: Ontology Basics (Ontology Fundamentals | Certified Graph Practitioner | Advanced Graph Engineer)
    Module 2: Ontologs Design (Certified Graph Practitioner | Advanced Graph Engineer)
    Module 3: Advanced Ontology Design and Data Modeling (Certified Graph Practitioner | Advanced Graph Engineer)
    Module 4: Ontology and Graph Implementation (Advanced Graph Engineer)
    Module 5: Advanced Knowledge Graph Implementation (Advanced Graph Engineer)

Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS) @ KM Institute

  • CKS in Knowledge Management (KM) and Enterprise AI
  • CKS in Business Taxonomy & Ontology (was: CKS in Taxonomy)
  • CKS in Knowledge Management (KM) & User Engagement
  • CKS in Agile and Design Thinking for Knowledge Management**

Training Courses

  • Semantic Large Language Models (LLMs) Accelerator (10-12 weeks)
  • Knowledge Graph Accelerator Workshop (4, 6 or 8 weeks)
  • Knowledge Graph Design Workshop (2 days)
  • Knowledge Management Strategy Workshop (2 days)
  • Taxonomy Master Class (2 days @ KM Institute)**
  • Semantic Web Starter Kit – Kick-off Workshop & Web-based Training
  • Business Taxonomy Workshop – Align Your Organizational Knowledge to Create a Taxonomy Design and Strategy Focused on Real Stakeholders
  • Action Oriented Search Workshop – Focus on Findability to Transform Search into Action and Organizational Value
  • Taxonomy Design Workshop**
  • Information & Systems Governance and Implementation Workshop**


    Jun 2023: Knowledge Productivity in the Age of AI
    Jun 2021: Headless CMS in Action: Understanding What it is and How it Can be Used in Your Organization
    Jan 2021: Knowledge Management Becomes Business Critical as Knowledge Graphs Improve Decision Making and Efficiency
    May 2020: Give the People What They Want – An Approach to Thoughtful KM Technology @ Midwest KM Symposium 2020; Building a Connected Search Experience: Bringing KM and AI Together to Fuel Findability
    Apr 2020: The Value of KM for Remote Work; KM: Nothing To Wine About; Enterprise AI Readiness: Ensure You’re Prepared to Meet Your Organization’s AI Needs
    Nov 2019: Making KM Clickable (Powering Great Enterprise Search with KM)
    Sep 2019: Laying KM Foundations for Successful and Transformative AI

    Nov 2013: Taxonomy Design for Drupal
    Oct 2013: Best Practices for Architecting Taxonomy and Metadata in an Open-Source Environment

Unlocking Business Value with a Semantic Layer webinar series

    Feb 2024: Defining the Semantic Layer
    Mar 2024: Semantic Layer Real Stories and Case Studies
    Apr 2024: Semantic Layer Technical Deep Dive and/or Different Applications of a Semantic Layer (Industry Panel)
    May 2024: The Semantic Layer as the Foundation for AI

Short Takes: (KM Explained)

    Knowledge Management Benchmarking
    Fixing Enterprise Search
    Defining Knowledge Management Strategy
    Knowledge Management and Making Connections
    Taxonomy in 60 Seconds


  • Semantic Layer Symposium
      The Semantic Layer Symposium is for anyone interested in diving deep into the world of semantic layers and exploring how to integrate an organization’s knowledge assets with context to make better decisions, perform more efficiently, and deliver knowledge at the point of need.
  • (CANCELLED) 1st SEMANTiCS 2021 US, April 2021, Austin, TX, USA
    (Host: Enterprise Knowledge)
    Conference Theme: Bringing together the world’s experts in Knowledge Graphs, Ontologies, and Artificial Intelligence

      Note: The conference was originally scheduled for September 2020 and April 2020.

  • Knowledge Management Showcase (KM Showcase aka KMI Showcase; Co-sponsor: Enterprise Knowledge)
    • 6th KM Showcase 2020, March 4-5, 2020, Arlington, VA, USA
      Conference Theme: Knowledge Management: Learn – Collaborate – Apply
    • 5th KM Showcase 2019, April 4-5, 2019, Arlington, VA, USA
      Conference Theme: Practical Knowledge Management – Beyond the Theory
    • 4th KM Showcase 2018, January 18, 2018, Tysons Corner, VA, USA
      Conference Theme: What’s New on the Horizon? A “Showcase” Covering the “What, Why, and How” of Knowledge Management for Today’s Practitioner
    • 3rd KM Showcase 2016, December 1, 2016, Tysons Corner, VA, USA
      Conference Theme: Changing with the Times – Knowledge Management for Today’s Practitioner. A “Showcase” Covering Metrics, Audits, Practical Knowledge Management, and Transformational Change Leadership


  • Knowledge Cast (interviews w. practitioners and industry experts)
  • Knowledge Cast – Product Spotlight
  • Knowledge Cast – KM Trends
      Feb 2024: Semantic Layer
      Oct 2023: Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI)
      Feb 2023: Knowledge Management Portals Discussion
      May 2021: Exploring Headless CMS


Enterprise Knowledge Graphs Meetup

    May 2019: Cybersecurity Analysis with Graphs
    April 2019: High-Value Content & Transforming Data into Actionable Knowledge
    Feb 2019: Knowledge Graphs as the Basis for Relevant Content Recommendations

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