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Knowledge Management Sponsor Characteristics

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Abstract: I’ve been thinking recently about the role of sponsorship in enabling knowledge management, and it took me back to some Change Management principles which I learned from ChangeFirst, when I was responsible for Change Management as well as Knowledge Management at Centrica.The ChangeFirst model was based on Darryl Connor’s “Managing at the speed

Knowledge Activists’ Successes and Failures

Abstract: Firms are increasingly relying on “knowledge activists” to facilitate the flow of knowledge. This paper discusses which initiatives by activists are most likely to succeed. It identifies a conceptual framework that illustrates the conditions essential to full knowledge sharing and illustrates its effectiveness through a selection of case studies. It concludes by saying

Successful Knowledge Leadership

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Abstract: Understand and build the skills and abilities, behaviours, and techniques needed to drive KM success. Effective knowledge management demands equally effective leaders. Yet, what exactly is an effective knowledge leader? What are the attributes and skills needed? What are the challenges that knowledge leaders face and, importantly,