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thinkingKNOWLEDGE offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Facilitation Foundations, including online & hybrid facilitation
  • Visual thinking for facilitators
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing
  • Confluence of minds: Facilitating collective sense-making
  • The reflective facilitator: Unpack facilitation patterns
  • Social media primer


  • Centurion KM Meetup group


Centurion KM Meetup group meetings (3rd Friday, monthly)

  • May 2018: Knowledge Management Matters – lets discuss the book


  • Knowledge Hangouts on topics in Knowledge Management
    • 2016-09: Experience the Bird Island Knowledge Management simulation game
    • 2016-10: ISO 9001 (2015) and ISO for Knowledge Management? What is in it for Knowledge Management?
    • 2016-11: Looking EAST with personas to identify fresh ideas for improving knowledge cultures
    • 2017-01: Goal Mapping – using words and imagery for goal setting
    • 2017-02: Change management – the sweet spot for knowledge management success
    • 2017-03: The Current Reality of Fake News and Its Impact on Organization
    • 2017-06: Scenarios for the future


  • Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (SAKMS)* 1)

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