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Leadership in the Knowledge Economy

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» In memory of Knowledge Management poineer Debra M. Amidon « Abstract: Leadership is a key influence on the conduct and outcomes of knowledge management in organizations and economies. This chapter advances and describes seven essential aspects of effective knowledge leadership: context, competence, culture, communities, conversation, communication, and coaching. It argues

The Chiefs of Knowledge: CKO, CLO, and CPO

Abstract: The field of knowledge management continues to garner both academic and practitioner interest. While much has been written about the technological, social, and economic aspects of managing knowledge in organizations, little is known about the managers who lead the engagements. In the following research project, we examine the roles of three C-level executives

Knowledge Management vs. Knowledge Leadership

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Abstract: Quite often the Knowledge Management related posts that flow through online forums focus on how KM can be effective, how to “do it,” as well as focusing on the concepts, strategies, and implementing practices that comprise the discipline. By itself, these discussions are often inadequate beyond answering specific questions related to these focus