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Study and Framework of Chief Knowledge Officer Effectiveness

Abstract: The existing literature on Chief Knowledge Officers (CKOs) focuses on individual characteristics and organizational context but fails to convincingly address the issue of process dynamics in terms of effective and ineffective CKO moves and strategies. In order to address this gap we review propositions from the management fashion, diffusion of innovations and issue

Knowledge Management Organizational Structure

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Abstract: We often overlook the importance of an organization’s structure in supporting the implementation of a KMS. This is a very critical consideration, because an organization will undergo significant change in the shift from a knowledge-hoarding to a knowledge sharing culture. A KMS isn’t a software package that’s easily installed and then forgotten about.

Asian Productivity Organization Top Management Forum (APO TMF)**

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The annual Asian Productivity Organization Top Management Forum (APO TMF), organized by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), provides lectures by resource speakers, country paper presentations, group discussions, observational site visit, and preparation of action plans on specific productivity issues. Forums of interest: APO Top Management Forum, 18-20 July 2018,

Knowledge management roles and responsibilities in Australia

Abstract: Most of the studies in knowledge management (KM) argue for leadership as a vital success factor for any initiative. Top management leadership enables the effective promotion of knowledge sharing by creating an appropriate organisational culture, and making arrangements for corresponding policies and procedures across the organisation to facilitate management of knowledge resources and