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The Community Roundtable (TheCR) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • TheCR Network

Course Materials

  • Toolkits: Start Toolkit, Build Toolkit, Social Executive Toolkit, State of Community Management Toolkit
  • Community Management 101


  • Jun 2019: Highlights from The State of Community Management 2019
  • “Conversations with Community Managers” podcast series

TheCR Academy


  • Strategic Community Workshop: Community Strategy, ROI, and Business Case (six-weeks online course)
  • (Guided) Community Management Fundamentals Training – for internal and external community managers
    – External Community Manager Fundamentals (online course)
    – Inhternal Community Manager Fundamentals (online course)
  • Community Program Essentials
  • Social Executive Shorts (video series designed to help executives make the most of social tools and online communities)
  • Custom Advisory and Training for Community Teams
  • Custom Training (In-person, online and enterprise)
  • Ongoing Professional Development (live programming, networking and resources for TheCR network members)


  • The Community Roundtable Connect (TheCR Connect)*

TheCR Network


Online events

  • TheCR Network Roundtables on topics in Community Management
  • Webinar events on topics in Community Management
  • TheCR Salon – quarterly discission series 2018
    – Nov 2018: Community Governance For The Future
    – Apr 2018: Community As Change Agents
  • Weekly programming, including Work Out Loud threads, AMAs and Happy Hour
  • Office Hours with Jerry Green

Face-to-face events

  • TheCRLive – casual lunch series in Boston
  • TheCR Boston CoWorking Meet Up (Nov 2018)

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