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The Universiteit Utrecht (UU; English: Utrecht University) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Descartes Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities 1)


History of Knowledge Seminar Series @ Utrecht University

    Jun 2023: Reluctant Knowledge Actors: Art Education Reforms and the Studio Glass Movement

    May 2022: Tools of Knowledge: Challenging Ontologies
    Jan 2022: tba

    Nov 2021: Collecting knowledge for the family: recipes, gender and practical knowledge in the early modern English household
    May 2021: Circulation of Knowledge: Explorations in the History of Knowledge
    Mar 2021: Contours of a History of the Theory and Art of Perception
    Jan 2021: Lieux de savoir: places and spaces in the history of knowledge

    Nov 2020: Knowledge in transit
    Sep 2020: History of Knowledge: Response
    May 2020: From the History of Science to the History of Knowledge – and Back
    Mar 2020: Knowledge Has Its Own Rules – And They Have a History

Institute of Information & Computing Sciences (ICS) > Center for Content and Knowledge Engineering (CCKE)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master of Science in Information Science (Specialization: Content and Knowledge Engineering)**
      Mandatory courses:
      Use of Content and Knowledge Systems
      Development of Knowledge Systems
      Content Design

      Optional courses (select 7):
      … Knowledge Management …

      Thesis Project

      Mandatory courses:
      Knowledge Management
      Use of Content and Knowledge Systems
      Development of Knowledge Systems
      Content Design

      Optional courses (select 6):

      Thesis Project

      Core courses (mandatory)
      Development of Personalized Content
      Use of Dynamic Content
      Development of Knowledge Systems
      Use of Knowledge Systems
      Development of Content for Organizations
      Use of Content for Organizations

      Optional courses (select 4):

      Literature Study

      Thesis project

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