Knowledge Management Melbourne (KMELB)

Knowledge Management Melbourne (KMELB)

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Knowledge Management Melbourne (KMELB) is a 2-days knowledge management conference organized by the Australian Society for Knowledge Management (AuSKM) with partners from the Australian Knowledge Management communities.

  • Knowledge Management Melbourne (KMELB), November 13-14, 2017, RMIT University (School of Business and Law), Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    Conference Theme: Creativity, Chaos and Collaboration
    (in conjunction with the AuSKM AGM (Nov 13); part of AuSKM Knovember; organized by the Australian Society for Knowledge Management and RealKM Connect, in Partnership with KnowQuestion, Intelligent Answers and Knowledge Ink)
    Workshops (Nov 14): “Trust me”: why trust is vital to success with Knowledge Management & Knowledge informs strategy rather than the other way round ; A less structured format that creates space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity; KMLF Meetup: An Agile Knowledge Management experience
    Masterclasses (Nov 15-16): Masterclass on Knowledge Asset Management
  • AuSKM 2016 Conference: planned but not realized (?)

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