Australian Society for Knowledge Management Conference (AuSKM Conference)*

Australian Society for Knowledge Management Conference (AuSKM Conference)*

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The Australian Society for Knowledge Management Conference (AuSKM Conference), formerly branded as Knowledge Management Melbourne (KMELB), successor of the Australian Capital Territory Knowledge Management (actKM) Forum Conference, is a 1-day conference with post-conference workshops, organized by the Australian Society for Knowledge Management (AuSKM) and partners from the Australian Knowledge Management communities.

The Australian Capital Territory Knowledge Management Forum Conference (actKM) was the Forum’s annual conference in Canberra. The intention behind the conference was to provide a rich interactive experience for delegates and therefore they place lots of emphasis on workshops, networking and learning activities (senior executive breakfast, poster corner and competition, KM Board Game, Knowledge Wall, collaboration cabaret, conference and awards dinner, welcome cocktail party, etc) and the actKM Knowledge Management Awards ceremony. (until 2005 the Knowledge Management in Government Awards ceremony)

actKM Award Winners

Conference History:

2nd AuSKM Conference, November 13-14, 2018, RMIT University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Conference Theme: Creating Knowledge for the New Generation
(part of AuSKM Knovember 2018; Co-organizers: RealKM an initative of KnowQuestion, Intelligent Answers; Host: RMIT University, School of Business and Law)

    Conference Presentations:
    Approach to maintaining control and direction in self-managed and agile teams; Energizing creativity in the next generation; Engaging Millennials Through Story; Agile Knowledge in Projects; Social Technology: Part 2 – The next phase of a fascinating case study of implementing “Circles” as part of an employee value proposition strategy…; Sharing Knowledge across the Generations; Introducing Knowledge Management into a multinational and multicultural organisation; Creating indicators of and measuring the value good knowledge practice; “The Wrap” Announcement of Awards and Speed dating with SMEs

    Post-conference Workshops & Site Visits (Nov 14):
    Building a business strategy for an International Knowledge Society @ PwC
    NexGen Knowledge – using technology and space @ Deloitte

    Co-located Events:
    Knowledge Management Global Network Gathering (Nov 12)
    Melbourne KMLF informal side event (Nov 13)

Knowledge Management Melbourne (KMELB), November 13-14, 2017, RMIT University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Conference Theme: Creativity, Chaos and Collaboration
(part of AuSKM Knovember 2017; co-organizers: RealKM Connect, KnowQuestion, Intelligent Answers, Knowledge Ink; Host: RMIT University, School of Business and Law)

    Conference Presentations:
    A Future of Creativity, Chaos and Collaboration; The Future of the Knowledge Profession; Navigating Complexity in the Workplace – One Story at a Time; Social Technology – The New Organisational Structures of Holacracy and Dual Operating Systems; A Funny Thing Happened to me on the Way to Being a Knowledge Manager; Re-Wiring our Brain in the Cloud: Excelling with Knowledge Work in the Age of Digitalisation; Bupa Case Study: Agile Co-Creation of Real Time Knowledge; Metricon Case Study: Unblocking the Flow of Knowledge to Create Competitive Advantage; Knowledge Leadership to Enhance Performance in Uncertainty

    Post-conference Workshops (Nov 14):
    “Trust me”: why trust is vital to success with Knowledge Management & Knowledge informs strategy rather than the other way round
    A less structured format that creates space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity

    Post-conference Masterclasses (Nov 15-16):
    Masterclass on Knowledge Asset Management

    Co-located Events:
    KMLF Meetup: An Agile Knowledge Management experience

AuSKM 2016 Conference / Knowledge Week Australia

    Conference Program TBD

14th actKM2014 @ IIM National, 27 – 28 October 2014, University of Canberra, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: Creating Value from Your Information and Knowledge
(in conjunction with the Institute for Information Management (IIM) National Conference, incorporating actKM2014 & SoLA)

    Acting on Knowledge and Information: The Missing Link

    Busting the Collaboration Myth
    The New World of Learning … learning is quickly escaping the control of traditional L&D
    Learning & Innovation in the Cloud
    KNOWvember in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

    Interactive Sessions:
    Business Focused Social Productivity: Social Media in the workplace
    Change through Influence not Management
    New Innovations in Leveraging intellectual Capital

    Panel Discussions:
    Business Continuity – Outlook has a fatal virus and goes down world wide – what do we do?

    Conference Workshops:
    Resetting public Institutions
    Learning through knowledge creation and application for value
    Conducting Knowledge Audits
    Learning & Innovation in the Cloud
    Pathway to social activity
    Reinventing the Website & Intranet – The iKMS Renewal

    Dinner and actKM Knowledge Management Awards

actKM2013 @ IIM National, 29-30 October 2013, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: Collaborating and Innovating for the Future
(in conjunction with the Institute for Information Management (IIM) ACT Branch Conference, a part of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Canberra Branch Conference)

    Conference Program TBD

13th actKM2012, 23-24 October 2012, University of Canberra, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Sub-title: actKM Forum’s 12th Annual Collaborative Workshop
Conference Theme: Connecting Knowledge – Building the Knowledge-centric Organisation

    Note: The conference is called “actKM Forum’s 12th Annual Collaborative Workshop”

    An interactive conversation on “The Behavioural DNA of collaboration”

    Fusing IT and Business – Sharing Understanding and Knowledge
    Overview of the INSPIRE Centre for ICT in education
    Using social media to connect and collaborate
    Creating sustainable competitive advantage within the Australian mining sector
    Wikis & Social Media – Escaping from Foreign Trade Battles to Building Local Community Social Capital
    How the numbers add up when interconnecting the organisation
    From Sense Making to Collaborative Action
    A picture is worth a thousand words
    Social Content – The Future of Connecting Relevant Content with People

    Conference Workshops:
    KM Think Tank – Tapping into Fast and Slow Thinking
    Free4all – KM learning and Development (collaborative workshop)
    Filling the knowledge bucket (Lunch)

    Poster Corner:
    Presentation of Posters and Competition

    Dinner and actKM Knowledge Management Awards (incl. table fables)

12th actKM2011, 10-11 October 2011, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Conference Theme: What Keeps CEOs Awake at Night – How Knowledge Management Can Address the Top Challenges Facing Today’s Leaders

    What keeps CEOs awake at night
    Preparing your organisation for the future

    The Art of Conversation
    Help your CEO connect the dots
    BI, the reinforcing steel in stories
    Planning your Social Media Strategy
    Is “good enough” KM OK?
    Using IS to promote KM
    Using SNA for Organisational and Personal Improvement
    Collaboration – More than just wishful thinking

    Developing people to develop knowledge
    Knowledge Management Treasure Hunt
    Filling the knowledge bucket

    Conference Workshops:
    The Unknown Unknowns – Making sense of expertise

    Poster Corner:
    Presentation of Posters and Competition

    Lunch & KM provider Market Place

    Dinner and actKM Knowledge Management Awards (incl. table fables)

    Post-conference Masterclasses (Oct 12):
    Social Media Field Guide – Tools Masterclass
    Stakeholder Engagement and its Evaluation
    Creative behavioural interactions to build trust and collaboration for enhanced performance

    Co-located Events: (Oct 11)
    Walking and Talking (pre-breakfast event)

11th actKM2010, 18-19 October 2010, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: Getting clever about knowledge

    What KM practitioners can learn from Positive Deviance

    A clever synthesis of knowledge to drive actions
    Knowledge Management for Collaborative Innovation in Development Engineering
    Cellular conversations: integrating mind and body knowledge in the workplace
    Performance Enhancing
    A case study on KM projects at ANU using Drupal
    Using Story Spine to generate alternative scenarios to a real life business problem
    Hitching a ride on the ACTKM08 Social Media express – Surviving the GFC and WTO Global Trade Tidal Waves in a Manufacturing World
    I like Swipe
    Who killed knowledge management?

    Thinking Skills

    Conference Workshops:
    Taking the Terror out of Taxonomies: a mini-workshop
    Build, buy, bind & bury – deciphering your organisation’s knowledge lifecycle
    How to Create a Brilliant Organization

    Dinner and actKM Knowledge Management Awards (incl. table fables)

    Co-located Events (Oct 20):
    Connecting through Conversation: Narrative Techniques for Organisational Knowledge Sharing (Australian River Restoration Centre)

10th actKM2009, 12-13 October 2009, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: Mature, Mutate or Miss Out

    Faith, Magic and Culture in Knowledge Management
    Becoming a Fourth Generation KM Leader

    Caring and Sharing – how positive psychology pulls people (and their knowledge) together
    Tackling Wicked Problems
    Corporate Social Capital: A New Currency for a Rapidly Changing Economy
    KM by Design: the use of standards, frameworks and guides
    Thinking Skills
    Abject-oriented: Hanging out with the wrong crowd
    Managing the user experience for Gov 2.0
    People, Passion and Place: Expanding our ideas about ‘knowledge’

    Panel Discussions:
    Hypothetical – What happened to KM – looking back at 2020 from 2050

    Why Knowledge initiatives fail
    Back to the Future for KM
    ‘Making a Difference’ Story Slam
    actKM Collaboration Cabaret II

    Conference Workshops:
    Collective Intelligence, Communal Mind and the Ecology of Wisdom

    Dinner and actKM Knowledge Management Awards (incl. keynote & actKM Collaboration Cabaret II)

    Pre-conference Events (Oct):
    actKM Collaboration Cabaret I
    Accelerated Networking activity

9th actKM2008, 14-15th October 2008, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: Managing Knowledge for Competitive Advantage

    World 2.0
    Cultural & ethical aspects of knowledge

    Development and implementation of a knowledge strategy
    Slouching Towards Intertwingularity – Digging deeper
    Demonstrating ROI for KM projects
    Wikis for improved education in knowledge management
    What sorts of knowledge do we need to deal with the climate challenge and how do we get there?
    Business Network Analysis™: A Knowledge Cartography Methodology
    KM 2.0 – myth or legend

    actKM Collaboration Cabaret II & Act III – Collaboration Cabaret debrief
    Value networks and partnership scorecards for successful KM adoption

    Conference Workshops:
    Peer Assist: After Action Reviews
    Reverse Brainstorming café: Innovative and creative strategies to decimate key staff in an organisation

    Dinner and actKM Knowledge Management Awards (incl. actKM Collaboration Cabaret II)

    Pre-conference Events (Sep-Oct):
    actKM Collaboration Cabaret I

8th actKM2007, 23-24 October 2007, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: —

    Why Knowledge Managers should be sued
    The Future of Knowledge Sharing: People and Technology

    Exploring the Foundations of Knowledge Management Practice
    Personal Networking (w. short exercise)
    Combining the old with the new: using new technology to document and preserve indigenous knowledge (Wet Tropics World Heritage Area Cultural Heritage Mapping Project)
    Creating Context: Brainstorming, Improvisation & Knowledge Management (Improvisational Approaches to Brainstorming)
    Knowledge Management and Governance in Higher Education
    Improving the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Knowledge System for Regions (Knowledge for Regional NRM)

    Fun Exercises to Encourage Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

    Conference Workshops:
    Knowledge Cafe Workshop & Knowledge Cafe (What are the barriers to knowledge sharing and innovation within organizations and how do we overcome them?)
    Getting Management Buy-in for Knowledge Management

    Dinner and actKM Knowledge Management Awards

7th actKM Forum Conference 2006, 25-26 October 2006, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: Realising the Knowledge Management Vision

    n.a. (Smallwood)
    Discipline is Not a Dirty Word

    PLENARY Presentations:
    Communities of Practice: How CRS Australia has Used ‘Networks of Excellence’ to Implement a Knowledge Management Initiative
    The Guide and Gold: What Makes For a Gold Level actKM Award?

    THEORY & PRACTICE FORUM Presentations:
    Lessons on Knowledge Sharing within a Policing environment
    Dreams, Wants, Needs and Realities: A Three Year RReview of TARDIS
    Organisational Redesign – a Matter of Corporate Survival
    Working with Knowledge Energies
    Overcoming Barriers to Knowledge Management: Visiting the Dark Side of Organisations
    Share, Collaborate and Connect : AUSTRADE
    Why Organisations Need to Consider the Way thexy Conceive Knowledge
    How Experiential Learning Influences Organisations
    The Office System and the New World of Work
    How and Why are Redundant Knowledge Assets Identified: a Case Study
    Collateral Damage: Resilience of the actKM Community to the Deletion of Its Discussion List from Yahoo Groups

    RESEARCH FORUM Presentations:
    knowledge Management Models or Models of Knowledge? a critical review of Literature
    knowledge Diffusion from DBA research
    The Implications of Knowledge Management for Library and Information Science Education
    Learning and Knowing in Organisations: Implications for Practice from an Exploration of Public Sector Experience
    The Role of Human and Technical Intermediaries in Successful Knowledge Reuse

    Panel Discussions:
    Realising the Knowledge Management Vision

    Conference Workshops:
    Getting Management Buy-in for Knowledge Management

6th actKM Forum Conference 2005, 26-27 October 2005, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: Managing Knowledge for Better Performance

    Conference Tracks: Senior Executive Breakfast; Keynote & Topic Presentations (Parallel Sessions: Papers; 1 day ); Workshops;

    Keynotes: (2)
    n.a. (Lambe, Hind)

    PAPER Presentations:
    The new Australian Knowledge Management Standard
    Why invest in communities of practice?
    FPA Health’s story: achieving better performance outcomes for sexual health care through knowledge management
    TARDIS: A Knowledge Productivity Update
    Using knowledge to unlock innovation: The Innovation Road Map
    Great Decisions – Great Results: Exposing the bottlenecks to effective decision-making
    Taking a fresh look at Knowledge Management Technologies: Profiling the organisational impact of 3 key tools
    Knowing WHO can be as good as knowing HOW
    Understanding staff needs
    The future is wild: managing knowledge about the future
    Searching for the babel fish – knowledge management for turning science into practice – a story from a Research and Development Corporation
    Developing strategic capability through a Knowledge Network Communication Work Space

    RESEARCH FORUM Presentations: (Masters/PhD Students)
    The polyvalent role of the Balanced Scorecard as a crystallizing management tool
    Exploring experiences of learning and knowing at work: findings from a public sector case study
    Mapping Information Flows in an Australian Public Sector Organisation
    The implications of Knowledge Management for the library and information professions
    Managing to measure: appropriate options for measuring Intellectual Capital in the APS
    The Philosophical Trinity – The Missing Link in Research Approaches?
    Applying the Balanced Score Card for Better Performance of Knowledge Assets: the Case of Fosters Brewing Group
    Throwing pebbles into a dark cave: a study of participation and behaviours in the act-km online community

    Conference Workshops:
    Australian Public Service Community of Practice
    Why Organizations don’t get best value from their knowledge and information resources: an emergent causal examination
    Application of the new Australian Knowledge Management Standard

    Senior Government Executive Knowledge Management Breakfast
    Dinner and actKM Knowledge Management Awards

5th actKM Forum Conference 2004, 13-14 October 2004, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: Working in the Knowledge Organisation

    Leadership and Ignorance in Public Sector Knowledge Management
    Enhancing Knowledge-Based Organisations (Senior Executive Breakfast)
    Leveraging knowledge to unleash a culture of Innovation
    The Future of Knowledge Management

    STREAM 1: The Knowledge Organisation
    Open Space Workshop: Working in the Knowledge Organisation (1/2 day 1)
    Debrief – Workshop 1
    Projects and Culture 101: The design of humane, engaging and effective knowledge sharing environments
    Knowledge Worker Work: the knowing-learning-doing nexus
    Context Management – Putting Content Management in its Place
    Complexity and communities of practice – the role of memes
    Librarians: an Endangered Species: A case study on an information ecology

    STREAM 2: The Knowledge worker
    Child’s Play team based exercise/workshop – to explore the dynamics of human interaction and work (1/2 day 1)
    Debrief – Workshop 2
    Establishing knowledge management needs in the Department of Environment and Heritage
    The spotlight on Knowledge Management standards: 2004 Update
    The FACS-Centrelink Information Protocol – governance and management of information as an organisational asset
    TARDIS: Moving towards a genuine knowledge management system
    Creating knowledge-based environments in the Public Service by using the Balanced Scorecard – An APS Implementation Case Study
    Sharing knowledge for good governance

    RESEARCH FORUM presentations: (Masters/PhD Students)

    Conference Workshops:
    Simulation as a tool for developing practical awareness and capability (full day 2)

    Senior Executive Breakfast
    Dinner and actKM Knowledge Management Awards

4th actKM Forum Conference 2003, 27-28 October 2003, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: Exploring the Role of Knowledge Management in Organisational Renewal

    Knowledge Management and Information Economy (Senior Executive Breakfast)Innovation, Knowledge Management and Building Organisational Capability (Senior Executive Breakfast)
    Minimising Knowledge Loss from the Retirement Boom
    Introduction to the Key Elements of Standard Australia’s knowledge Management Framework (Workshop)
    Electronic Recordkeeping Systems and their Relationship to Knowledge Management (Workshop)

    STREAM 1: Innovation, Communication & Collaboration
    A Socio-Technical View of Knowledge Management in Communities
    Knowledge and Innovation in Service Functions and Service Firms
    Virtual Project Teams as a Method for Empowering Individual Staff
    Knowledge Leadership: New Ways, New Classrooms, New Teachers
    The Benifits of Good Knowledge Management Practices in Cultural Institutions
    Communities of Practice at the Canberra Institute of Technology

    STREAM 2: Governance & Organisational Capability
    A General Approach to the Governance, Management and Utilisation of Data, Information and Knowledge in Organisations
    Know-How and Workforce Planning
    COMSTAT as a Performance and Knowledge Management System
    The Knowledge Workforce and the Challenge for HRM
    The Role of the Human Mind in Management and The Influence on Organisational Capability
    ICT Governance – Facilitating Effective Information and Knowledge Management

    Senior Executive Breakfast: Knowledge Management in Society and Organisations (Oct 27)
    Dinner and Inagural actKM Knowledge Management Awards

    Pre-conference Workshops (Oct 27):
    Introduction to Knowledge Management Concepts: Standards and Case Studies

3rd ACT-KM Forum Conference 2002, 22 October 2002, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management – Bringing it all Together

    Program n.a.

2nd ACT-KM Forum Conference 2001, 21 August 2001, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management to a “T”: Knowledge Management in the Public Sector

    Program n.a.

1st ACT-KM Workshop, 4 October 2000, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Workshop Title: Public Sector Knowledge Management in Practice – Sharing the Experience

    Discussion Threads:
    Knowledge Mapping
    Business Intelligence
    Public Sector Rewards and Recognition
    Use of Knowledge Management to advise Ministers
    Learning Histories
    Communities of practice
    Knowledge Management Strategies
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  1. I would be interested in keynoting this conference in 2018. KMers will know me from my book Common Knowledge as well as my categorization of the 3 Eras of KM. Please let me know if this is of interest to you

    Nancy Dixon

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