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The Centre for Intelligence, Innovation & Performance Management (CIIPM), formerly the Institute of Intelligence, Innovation & Performance Management (IIPM), has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Public Sector Knowledge Management Workshop (PSKMW 2010): Managing Knowledge to Build Trust in Government (2 days)
      Overview of Knowledge Management in the Public Sector
      Leadership Behaviours Which Encourage the Sharing of Knowledge
      A Holistic Framework for considering All Aspects of Knowledge Management
      Ways to Embed Knowledge-Sharing into Business Processes
      Ways to Structure Captured Knowledge for Maximum Re-Use
      Taking Knowledge Management to the Next Level of Performance
      KM as a Risk Management Tool
      Build Compelling Business Cases for KM Programs and Projects
      Knowledge Management: Frameworks and Case Studies
  • Innovation & Knowledge Management 2.0


  • Innovation & Knowledge Management Conference (IKM)**

    The Innovation & Knowledge Management Conference & Expo (IKM) aims to bring together exectives, policy makers, innovation leaders, business leaders, knowledge management practitioners & experts, information officers, business executives, government officials, inventors and academics will gather to bring together their vision, passion and expertise, to share their ideas, to discuss latest trends and to focus on key challenges. They will jointly debate on how to streamline and transform innovation into design, new products and services for the next generation, and how to drive into the next decade through cutting edge innovation and knowledge Management.

    Conference History:

    • 2nd IKM Conference 2011, 26-28 May 2011, Johannesburg, South Africa
      Conference Theme: Stimulating Sustainable Development, scaling up for success – The Role of Innovation & Knowledge Management

        The Chain value of Product & Service Innovation
        A web plaform for innovation process facilitation
        Cultivating a culture of Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
        Integrating KM into Change and Improvement
        KM as catalyst—imploding Paradigms to Enable Knowledge Warriors
        Knowledge management processes, tools and techniques for counter business failure
        Value knowledge management – Process Structuring for Multi-party Conflict
        A knowledge management perspective on corporate portal
        Measuring the impact of Innovation & knowledge
        When knowledge meets innovation technology
        Knowledge management concepts for training by project
        Distinguishing Knowledge from Information: A Prerequisite for Elaborating KM Initiative Strategy
        Organizing and managing Knowledge for e-Government – Issues, Practices and Challenge
        The role of trust in impact of leadership on knowledge sharing
        Quality management in knowledge intensive business processes
        Knowledge Management Implementation methodology
        Formal modeling for deploying improvement and innovation in information technology

    • 1st IKM Conference & Expo 2010, 26-27 June 2010, Johannesburg, South Africa
      Conference Theme: Private Public Sector Innovation & Knowledge management, Enabling Profitable Growth Beyond 2020

        Innovation Strategy with regards to comprehensiveness, forward focus and communication
        Organization and Culture with regards to the ability to create passion for innovation and openness for new ideas
        Innovation Life Cycle Management with regards to all levers which help to accelerate idea-to-profit as well as optimise life cycle management through continuous improvement
        Enabling Factors for Innovation Management with regards to IP, Knowledge, HR, Controlling- and IT Management.
        Innovation Management Success with regards to the right key performance indicators to monitor and measure innovativeness
        Basic models of knowledge management
        Projects as framework for knowledge creation and application
        Knowledge management as basis for competitive advantage
        Knowledge management as integrative management approach
        Dealing with company and personally relevant knowledge
        Sphere of influence of knowledge management processes

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