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The Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Knowledge Management Africa (KMA) Initiative | Knowledge Hub | Foundation

Local Chapters/Networks

  • Central African Chapter
  • East African Chapter
  • North African Chapter
  • Southern African Chapter
  • West African Chapter
  • Kenya Chapter

Special Interest Groups

  • AICCIFL – African ICT Criminal Intelligence, Forensics and Litigation SIG
  • ENN Africa
  • Knowledge Management & Communications
  • Knowledge Management & Economic Challenges
  • Knowledge Management & Governance
  • Knowledge Management & Social Challenges
  • Knowledge Management & the Environment
  • Knowledge Management for Conflict & Change Management
  • Knowledge Management, Emerging Technologies and Innovative Schemes
  • Personal Knowledge Management Project
  • Tourism Knowledge SIG
  • Zulu culture, language & traditions


  • … on topics in Knowledge Management in Africa


  • Knowledge Management Africa (KMAfrica) Conference**

    Knowledge Management Africa (KMA) exists to design ongoing knowledge exchange on an African stage in a managed way through structures and platforms created by the participants themselves.
    Knowledge is a valuable resource that holds the potential for sound governance, socio-economic development and service delivery in Africa. KMA’s goal is to establish knowledge management platforms, create access to and augment existing knowledge networks and forums, and to facilitate the sharing and utilisation of knowledge across the African continent.
    The biennial conferences of KMA bring together policy-makers, development institutions, donors, international agencies, academics, sector professionals, and civil society organizations for knowledge dissemination and exchange to shape the future of Africa.

    • KMAfrica 2011 – Fourth Biennial Conference, June 2011, Tunis, Tunisia
      (Partner: Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology, Government of Tunisia)

        Planned but not realized!

    • KMAfrica 2009 – Third Biennial Conference, 4-7 May 2009, Dakar, Senegal
      Conference Theme: Knowledge to Reposition Africa in the World Economy / Le Savoir pour repositionner l’Afrique dans l’Économie Mondiale
      (Partners: African Development Bank, Senegalese Government, African Regional Centre for Technology, National Academy for Sciences and Techniques of Senegal)

        Opening/Plenary Session (Signing the ANSTS/CRAT/DBSA Memorandum of Agreement, Speeches)
        The KMA Journey: Principles, Cases, Issues and Prospects (paper session)
        Knowledge Management Systems: Experienced, Lessons and Prospects for Africa (round table discussion)
        Institutional Experiences: KMA Sustainability and Governance (round table discussion)
        Closing Ceremony (Dakar Declaration for KMA; Speeches)

        Post-conference Workshops: (May 6)
        Knowledge Management and Economic Challenges
        Knowledge Management and Social Challenges
        Knowledge Management and Environmental Challenges
        Knowledge Management and Governance
        Knowledge Management and Innovative Avenues

        KMA Ad hoc Committee Meeting

        Note: Suggestion to create the KMA Foundation

    • KMAfrica 2007 – Second Biennial Conference, 17-19 July 2007, Nairobi, Kenya
      Conference Theme: Knowledge to Remobilize Africa
      (Partners: Ministry of Planning and National Development (Government of Kenya), University of the Witwatersrand)

        Note: Launch of the Knowledge Hub

    • KMAfrica 2005 – First Biennial Conference, 1-3 March 2005, Johannesburg, South Africa
      Conference Theme: Knowledge to Address Africa’s Development Challenges
      (Partners: University of the Witwatersrand, New Partnership for Africa’s Development, Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa)

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