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The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge management in the public sector, 1-3 September 2004, Johannesburg, South Africa
      Launch of the DBSA knowledge mobilisation vision for development excellence in Africa


  • Knowledge Management Capacity for African Research Institutes and Networks: Southern Africa Workshop, November 29 – December 1, 2006, Johannesburg, South Africa
    (Organizer: Global Development Network (GDN), in cooperation with the Development Bank of Southern Africa and the World Bank Institute)

Knowledge Management Africa (KMA) Initiative | Knowledge Hub | Foundation (est. 2003?)


Local Chapters/Networks

  • KMA Central African Chapter
  • KMA Kenya Chapter National Steering Committee (was: KMA East African Chapter; est. 2009 – still active)
  • KMA North African Chapter
  • KMA Southern African Chapter
  • KMA West African Chapter

Special Interest Groups

  • AICCIFL – African ICT Criminal Intelligence, Forensics and Litigation SIG
  • ENN Africa
  • Knowledge Management & Communications
  • Knowledge Management & Economic Challenges
  • Knowledge Management & Governance
  • Knowledge Management & Social Challenges
  • Knowledge Management & the Environment
  • Knowledge Management for Conflict & Change Management
  • Knowledge Management, Emerging Technologies and Innovative Schemes
  • Personal Knowledge Management Project
  • Tourism Knowledge SIG
  • Zulu culture, language & traditions


  • … on topics in Knowledge Management in Africa


KMA Kenya Chapter

  • Capacity Development Training of Knowledge Management Champions in MDAs (Ministries, Departments and Agencies)1)


Knowledge Management Africa (KMAfrica) Conference**

The biennial Knowledge Management Africa (KMAfrica) Conference brings together policy-makers, development institutions, donors, international agencies, academics, sector professionals, and civil society organizations for knowledge dissemination and exchange to shape the future of Africa.

  • KMAfrica 2011 – Fourth Biennial Conference, June 2011, Tunis, Tunisia
    (Partner: Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology, Government of Tunisia)

      Planned but not realized!

  • KMAfrica 2009 – Third Biennial Conference, 4-7 May 2009, Dakar, Senegal
    Conference Theme: Knowledge to Reposition Africa in the World Economy / Le Savoir pour repositionner l’Afrique dans l’Économie Mondiale
    (Partners: African Development Bank, Senegalese Government, African Regional Centre for Technology, National Academy for Sciences and Techniques of Senegal)

      Conference Tracks:
      Knowledge management and Economic challenges; Knowledge management and Social challenges; Knowledge management and the Environment; Knowledge management and Governance

      Opening/Plenary Session (Signing the ANSTS/CRAT/DBSA Memorandum of Agreement, Speeches)
      The KMA Journey: Principles, Cases, Issues and Prospects (paper session)
      Knowledge Management Systems: Experienced, Lessons and Prospects for Africa (round table discussion)
      Institutional Experiences: KMA Sustainability and Governance (round table discussion)
      Closing Ceremony (Dakar Declaration for KMA; Speeches)

      Post-conference Workshops: (May 6)
      Knowledge Management and Economic Challenges
      Knowledge Management and Social Challenges
      Knowledge Management and Environmental Challenges
      Knowledge Management and Governance
      Knowledge Management and Innovative Avenues

      KMA Ad hoc Committee Meeting

      Note: Suggestion to create the KMA Foundation. DBSA is mandated to study draft guidelines for the creation of the foundation

  • KMAfrica 2007 – Second Biennial Conference, 17-19 July 2007, Nairobi, Kenya
    Conference Theme: Knowledge to Remobilize Africa
    (Partners: Ministry of Planning and National Development (Government of Kenya), University of the Witwatersrand)

      Conference Presentations:
      A model for community participation in African libraries to preserve indigenous knowledge
      Activity based costing and its application to service delivery in the public sector
      African storytelling and knowledge management (KM)
      City planning, management and government in Zimbabwe: relational discordance and contestations
      Community participation and local government planning for sustainable development in Lesotho: a critical analysis of the “Quick and Smart Planning Model (QSP)”
      Competitive public service delivery within the knowledge economy in South Africa
      Conceptual framework and guidelines for a comprehensive indigenous knowledge database
      Creating a critical mass of science communicators
      Debt relief, access to water and sanitation, and education in Africa (3 presentations)
      Delivery of services to meet millennium development goals
      Determinants of spill-over occurrence from MNC firms in Kenya’s manufacturing industry
      Education and inequality
      Employing ICT and knowledge management to enhance community development: lessons from Phokeng, South Africa
      Enhancing governance, performance effectiveness and capacity to deliver government services in sub-Saharan Africa through knowledge management
      Evolution: who is left behind! The digital divide and information poverty in Africa
      Growing a knowledge-based economy in Africa: Opportunities and challenges. The case of Uganda
      Growing a knowledge-based economy in Africa: Opportunities and challenges
      Hands-on engagement development programme
      Healing the nation through empowerment in trade and professions, skills and development
      Implementing a knowledge management (KM) strategy: challenges and lessons
      Knowledge generation, political actions and African development: the polycentric approach
      Knowledge management (KM) and intranet technology
      Knowledge management and intranet technology
      Knowledge pre-defined and contextualized in the absence of indigenous consciousness: A call to mobilize African thought through the dispensation of indigenous knowledge systems and how they can aid in bettering the lives of all Africans – economically and culturally
      Malaria and agriculture: managing knowledge across sectoral boundaries
      Opportunities for increasing knowledge management and transfer in Zimbabwe through increased access to information, communication tools
      Rethinking indigenous knowledge in bee-keeping for sustainable livelihoods: A case of Kitui district, Kenya
      Subversive and crowded knowledge networks: is Africa in or out? (2 presentations)
      Technology to the rescue in Nelson Mandela Bay – a different approach to capacity building
      The future figures the past: conjuring the unexplored potential of folklore
      The role of knowledge in improving waste management for sustainable development (2 presentations)
      The urban water sector reform in Senegal: cornerstone towards the achievement of the millennium development goals
      Towards a deeper understanding of local government leadership challenges in African contexts: Alternative questions, possible answers and new models for capacity building
      Towards the development of a knowledge management practices surveys in knowledge intensive organizations
      Vision and strategy as critical factors in the delivery of services to meet millennium development goals: lessons from South Africa
      Winning communities
      2 Presentations TBD

      Special Events:
      Launch of the Knowledge Hub

  • KMAfrica 2005 – First Biennial Conference, 28 February – 3 March 2005, Johannesburg, South Africa
    Conference Theme: Knowledge to Address Africa’s Development Challenges
    (Partners: University of the Witwatersrand, New Partnership for Africa’s Development, Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa)

      Focus areas:
      Governance (accountability and public participation); Service delivery (water and engergy); knowledge systems (technology and indigenous knowledge systems); Agriculture (food security)

      Conference Presentations:
      Challenges and prospects for creation of knowledge for sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa
      The role of the university and academia in knowledge mobilisation for development
      Knowledge Management – lessons from the pioneers
      A study on the status of knowledge management in selected national government departments with a focus on current strategy, structure, processes, rewards, people and technology architecture
      Freeing the knowledge resources of public universities
      A knowledge-based theory of the firm to guide strategy formulation
      Systems thinking and conceptual models for development: the role of knowledge management
      Bridging the gap between indigenous and new (scientific) knowledge to enhance Knowledge Management in Africa
      Knowledge systems technology and indigenous systems in Africa
      Aspects of indigenous knowledge and protection in small-scale farming systems: a challenge for advancement
      Centres of excellence in science and technology for Africa’s sustainable development: towards new forms of regional and subregional networks
      The challenges of urban water service delivery in Africa
      Leveraging knowledge networks through communities of practice
      The engineering book of knowledge: developing communities of practices within transnational organisations
      Building R&D partnerships for Africa’s development
      The urban water sector reform in Senegal: cornerstone towards the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals
      Learning from a global knowledge network
      User technology acceptance in Knowledge Management applications
      Designing Knowledge Management systems for community development: lessons learnt from the implementation of a prototype
      Malaria and agriculture: managing knowledge across sectoral boundaries
      Strategic analysis and knowledge support system for rural development strategies in sub-Saharan Africa
      Developing 21st-century knowledge solutions to rural Africa’s development challenges
      Enhancing knowledge systems through records and information management – challenges and opportunities in a digital environment
      Traditional methods for charcoal production: a case study from Mozambique
      African water laws and institutions for rural water resource development
      Outputs, outcomes, and objective-based monitoring: enhancing knowledge systems to improve service delivery
      Framework for implementing Knowledge Management
      Achieving national competitive advantage through knowledge strategies: a conceptual framework for developing countries based on the South African experience
      The role of the National Electricity Regulator in Knowledge Management in the energy sector
      An African cities energy network: knowledge management and capacity-building for integrated city energy management as a backbone to sustainable city development
      How the development of a project life cycle helps to capture knowledge
      Leading Africa into the knowledge society
      Report on World Health Organisation (WHO) meeting on electronic medical records
      Aligning demand and supply of knowledge for development: the case of East Africa

      (TBC) Workshops on developing and implement ing knowledge management programmes to adress development challenges

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