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The Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management (KiKM) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Knowledge Leadership Development Academy

Courses, Seminars & Workshops

  • 2013-14 1)
    • Introduction to Knowledge Management
    • Advanced Knowledge Management
    • The Expert Knowledge Transfer & Retention Seminar
    • Knowledge-Based Innovation
    • Knowledge-Based Business Models
    • Intellectual Capital & Intangibles
    • Learning Organization
    • Harnessing Knowledge & Idea Markets for Business Advantage: Practical Lessons from Social Media, Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation Knowledge Enabling Software Systems
    • Expertise Networking
    • Knowledge Leadership
    • Knowledge & Transformational Change
    • Knowledge Economy Zone Master-Planning
    • Mastering the Inner Game of Knowledge
    • Knowledge Inspired High Performance
    • Workshop: KiKM Optimize & Profit From the Value Of Knowledge Assets
    • Seminar: How to make Premium Profits by Innovation Incorporating Intangible Values?
    • Enterprise Ideas Economy Seminar
  • 2007
    • Optimizing The Value Of Knowledge Assets
    • Knowledge Innovation Zone Development
    • Expertise Management
    • Knowledge Leadership Development
    • Ideation – How To optimize the rich market-place for IDEAS in your enterprise and beyond
    • Knowledge Continuity Planning
    • Knowledge-Based Business Model Innovation
    • KM For SME’s
    • Intellectual Capital & Intangible Assets


  • Knowledge Management course 2)
  • Course: Change Management for Knowledge Innovators
  • Introduction to Knowledge Pattern Recognition 3)

Speaking Engagements

  • …on topics in Knowledge Management

Executive Briefings

  • …on topics in Knowledge Management

Knowledge Coaching

  • …on topics in Knowledge Management

Web Channels

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