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The Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management (KiKM) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • e-Knowledge Markets Consortium / Knowledge Markets Advanced Research Working Group
  • Knowledge Innovation Zones (KIZ) Research Centre/Project 1)


Regular Online courses

  • Knowledge Management course @ UToronto
    (University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies)
  • Knowledge Pattern Recognition (8 week online workshop)
    (part of ‘Knowledge Economy Leadership Development Program’, Eurofocus International Consultants)

      Module 1. Introduction to Knowledge Pattern Recognition
      Module 2. The Virtues Of Pattern Recognition
      Module 3. Pattern Recognition & Decision Making
      Module 4. What Knowledge Patterns Are There ?
      Module 5. Meta Knowledge Playbook
      Module 6. Knowledge Profit Patterns
      Module 7. Description Of Knowledge Patterns
      Module 8. Summary Conclusions


    How to Profit from Knowledge & Idea Markets: Leveraging Amazing Lessons Learned from Social Media, Crowdsourcing, & Open Innovation
    Change Management for Knowledge Innovators


    Optimizing The Value Of Knowledge Assets – A Roundtable Seminar for Winning Knowledge Leaders (2 days 3 days, was: How To Optimize the Value & Performance of your strategic Knowledge-Based Innovation Initiatives?)
    Knowledge-Worker Work-Shops


    KIKM001 Introduction to Knowledge Management (1 day, was: Introduction To Next-Generation Knowledge Management, Introduction to Knowledge Management Fundamentals)
    KIKM002 Advanced Knowledge Management (2 days)
    KIKM003 Expert Knowledge Transfer & Retention (2 days; was: Increasing The Value Of Knowledge Transfer & Exchange, Increasing The Value Of Knowledge Exchange)
    KIKM004 Knowledge-Based Innovation (2 days; was: e-Knowledge Based Innovation)
    KIKM005 Knowledge-Based Business Models (1 day 2 days; was: Understanding The Vital Building Blocks Of Knowledge-Based Business Model Innovation)
    KIKM006 Intellectual Capital & Intangibles (2 days)
    KIKM007 Learning Organization (1 day)
    KIKM008 Harnessing Knowledge & Idea Markets for Business Advantage: Practical Lessons from Social Media, Crowdsourcing, & Open Innovation (2 days 1 day; was: Ideation, Optimization Of The Ideas Economy In Your Organization, The Enterprise Ideas Economy Seminar – Successful Optimization Of The Ideas Economy In Your Organization)
    KIKM009 Knowledge Enabling Software Systems (2 days 1 day; Improving Your Understanding Of Knowledge Enabling Software Systems, Improve Your Understanding Of Knowledge Management Software Systems, Knowledge Management Software Enablers)
    KIKM010 Expertise Networking (2 days; was: Expertise Management)
    KIKM011 Knowledge Leadership (1 day; was: Knowledge Leadership Development, Profitable Knowledge Leadership Capabilities For The New Economy)
    KIKM012 Knowledge & Transformational Change (1 day; was: Change Pattern Recognition. (Proven) Techniques For Accelerating Change Management In the Knowledge, Knowledge Pattern Recognition)
    KIKM013 Knowledge Economy Zone Master-Planning (2 days)
    KIKM014 Mastering the Inner Game of Knowledge (1 day)
    KIKM015 Knowledge Inspired High Performance (2 days)

Knowledge Innovation Zones (KIZ) Executive Briefing Workshops

    Samples: The Prosperity Paradox: Architecting Sustainable Innovation for Knowledge Cities, Regions and World; State-of-the-World Report on Knowledge Innovation Zones

Past Seminars

    Proven High-Performance Strategies & Practices For The Knowledge-Inspired Manager (3 days)
    Knowledge Innovation Zone Development (1 day)
    Knowledge Management For SME (was: Improving The Knowledge Entrepreneurial Capabilities Of Small To Medium Enterprises (SME’s), Improving The Knowledge Management Capabilities Of Small To Medium Enterprises (SME’s), e-Knowledge Based Innovation For Small To Medium Enterprises (SME’s))
    Knowledge-Based Business Model Innovation (1 day)
    A Proven System For Building The Modern Knowledge Based Business (1 day)
    The Rhythm Of Knowledge Seminar – Creative Ideation , Winning Ideas, and all that Jazz (2 days)
    An Introduction To Strategic Knowledge-Based Business Design (1 day)
    An Introduction To Winning Knowledge Strategy (1 day)
    The Power of Knowledge-to-Profit Patterns (1 day, was: The awesome power of Knowledge Profit Patterns)
    Networking Knowledge – The New Dynamics of Complex Adaptive Knowledge Networks (1 day)
    Knowledge-Fuelled Innovation (2 days)
    A Simple & Proven Approach To Gathering Competitive Intelligence, Marketplace Smarts, and Enhancing Knowledge Of Your Customer (1 day)
    New Approaches To Search, Meta-Search, Categorization, Clustering, & Taxonomy (1 day)
    An Introduction To PKM – Personal Knowledge Management (1 day)
    e-Knowledge Management As An Enabler Of e-Government (1 day)
    How to Make Your KM Projects Deliver Faster & More Positive Results (1 day, was: Making Your Knowledge Management Projects Deliver Positive Results)
    Knowledge Worker High-Performance For Productive Business Results (1 day, was: Enhancing Knowledge Worker Performance (For Productive Business Results))
    Building The Knowledge Based Business (1 day)
    Crafting A Blueprint For The Winning Knowledge-Based Business – Using Simple Design, Modeling, And Simulation Techniques (1 day, was: Knowledge Based Business Models)
    Leveraging The Power Of Knowledge Pattern Recognition (Half-Day, was: Knowledge Pattern Recognition)
    e-Knowledge Markets
    Building The Knowledge-Based Business
    Practicum on Knowledge Innovation (1 day)

Other Training

    Executive Briefings On Knowledge Management
    Executive Knowledge One-One Coaching


Global Conference on e-Knowledge Markets

  • 1st Global Conference on e-Knowledge Markets, September 24-25, 2001, University Of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
    (Conference Advisory Group/ Co-Sponsor: Knowledge-Intuit, e-Knowledge Markets Consortium – Knowledge Markets Advanced Research Working Group; aka KiKM Annual Conference)
    Conference Theme: e-Knowledge Markets: Inside The Enterprise & Beyond – Exploring The Profitable Intersection Of e-Knowledge, e-Business, and e-Marketplaces, The Next Generation Frontier For Knowledge Management

      Note: This conference might have ben cancelled. A 2002 conference scheduled for May 6-7, 2002 and Fall 2002, too. For 2003 and 2004 the conference was announced under the theme “Realizing The Promise Of Knowledge Markets: Inside the Enterprise & Beyond. For 2005 it was announced as KiKM 2005 Conference on Knowledge Markets, scheduled for April 2005 in Barbados, West Indies

      Conference program TBD

      Knowledge Auctions, Knowledge Stores, Question & Answer Exchanges, Experts Exchanges, Intellectual Property Exchanges, E-Learning Exchanges, B2B Knowledge Exchanges, Talent Exchanges, Community Based Social Capital Knowledge Exchanges, Vertical Knowledge Exchanges, e-Knowledge Market Enabling Technologies

      Human Capital; e-Learning; Intellectual Property; Technology Showcase & Knowledge Marketplace

      Pre-Conference Workshop (Sep 23):
      The Future Of e-Knowledge Markets


Knowledge Innovation Zone (KIZ) Student Prize

    2005: Dragana Radovaovic (University of Lund, Sweden), thesis “Intelligence and Lund”

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