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iknowma (Australia) and iknowma USA has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Knowledge Management Institute of Australia (KMIA)1)

Diploma Courses

  • Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Specialization: Knowledge Management) (3 6 months)2)
      Module 1 Strategic Knowledge Management (Southern Cross University)
      Module 2 How to Perform Knowledge Management
      Module 3 Tools & Techniques for Knowledge Management Implementation
      Specialty€ Topics in Knowledge Management
  • Integrated Knowledge & Project Management Competency Program3)
    • IKPMC01 Integrated Knowledge and Project Management Competency Diploma (in Project Management) Program (6 months)4)
    • IKPMC02 Advanced Integrated Knowledge and Project Management Competency Program
  • Registered Knowledge Manager (RegKM™) credit program (6 months)

Certification Courses

  • Certified Knowledge Manager (3 months)
  • Master Certified Knowledge Manager (3 months)
  • Certified Knowledge Specialist (6 months)
  • Certified Knowledge Worker (10 days)

Training Courses

Specialty Knowledge Management Programs

  • Understand the sciences involved in Knowledge Management
  • Understand the sciences involved in Knowledge Management
  • Understand Knowledge Management Metrics
  • Understand Knowledge Management Techniques: Storytelling
  • Understand Knowledge Management Techniques: Social Networks
  • Understand Knowledge Management Technology (e-learning, other)
  • Innovate Relentlessly: Intellectual Capital
  • Innovate Relentlessly: Innovation Techniques
  • Innovate Relentlessly: Sustaining & Disruptive Technologies
  • Innovate Relentlessly: Manage Innovation
  • Enrich Communities: Fundamentals
  • Improve: Personal Knowledge Management Performance

Specialty Workshops

    Knowledge Mapping (2 days)
    Social Network Analysis (2 days)
    Knowledge Audits (1-2 days)
    E-Collaboration and Best Practice (1 day)
    Communities of Practice – How to develop and make successful (1 day)
    Knowledge Enabling Software Systems Assessment (1 day)
    Knowledge Management Performance Tuning (1-2 days)
    Developing a Knowledge Management Methodology (2 days)
    Knowledge Management Framework & Strategy Development for Executives (1 day)
    Knowledge Management Framework & Strategy Development for Knowledge Managers & Implementation Teams (2-3 days)
    Knowledge Management for Engineers (1-2 days)
    Autopoiesis and Evolution (1-2 days)
    A Scientific Approach to Organizational Knowledge (1-2 days)
    KM for Sustainability in Organisations: Understanding Implementation of Knowledge Management and the importance of Tacit Networks (3 days)
    The Role of KM in Successful Enterprise Architecture Projects (1-2 days)
    Communities of Practice for Government Innovation and Modernization (1-2 days)
    Consulting Inside Your Organization (Online)
    Peer Mentoring A practical approach to knowledge transfer (Online)

KM Business Education Briefings

  • Sep 2004: Knowledge Management Endgame – Where it’s Heading (and How to Get There)

Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI)5)

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Knowledge and Innovation Management (26 weeks, online asynchronous)

Training Courses

  • On the Trail of Knowledge? Knowledge Management Discovery Seminar “How To” manage knowledge” (3 hours)
  • Managing Knowledge @ Work: Introduction to Knowledge Management – Concepts, Methods, Tools & Techniques (1 day)


Training Courses

  • Integrated Knowledge & Project Management (5 days+)6)
  • Registered Knowledge Manager (RegKM) credit program (6 days+)6)7)

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