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The KM-Alliance, the association of Russian Knowledge Management Experts, 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Moscow Knowledge and Innovation Office (est 4/2016; was: Moscow Knowledge Office)
    • Club of Knowledge Management Professionals (KM Profi)
    • Club “Public Knowledge Management and digital community technologies”
    • Club “Collective intellectual creativity and practice”
  • Minsk Knowledge Office (est. 4/2017)


  • KM-BASIC Knowledge Management courses: (with SkillsCenter)
    – STATE SERVICE: Knowledge Management in State Activities
    – EDUCATION: Knowledge Management in Education Activities
    – BUSINESS: Knowledge Management in the Enterprise
  • Professional Training Programs:
    – Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer (TOP Manager);
    – Knowledge Manager ( specialist );
    – Knowledge Management in HR (specialization in HR);
    – Knowledge Management in IT (specialization in IT);
    – Knowledge Management in Projecs (specialization in the Republic of Moldova);
    – Knowledge Management in R & D (specialization in R&D);
    – Knowledge Management in T & D (specialization in T&D);
    – Knowledge Management and PI (specialization in the management of knowledge and intellectual assets);
    – Knowledge Management in National Universities (specialization in education);
    – Knowledge Management in Innovative Small and Medium-Sized Business Companies (specialization in entrepreneurship)
  • Monthly practical courses (6 hours)
    – Personal Knowledge Management
    – How to Start a Knowledge Management Pilot Project
    – How to Build the Knowledge Management System**
    – Knowledge Management in the Enterprise**
    – Knowledge Management in Human Resources**
    – Knowledge Management – Cost or Investment?**
    – Internal Communities: Examples of Russian Companies**
    – Complex Problems in IT: How to Understand and Act? Using the Cynefin Framework**
    – Seminar Series on “Knowledge Management Technologies and Tools for the Leader. How to Become a leader?**
  • Corporate expert Sessions (8-24 h)
    – Formation and Launch of the Knowledge Management Pilot Project
    – Formation of the Corporate Knowledge Management Team
    – Corporate Strategy of the Knowledge Management System
    – Creation and Starting of the Knowledge Management System
  • Knowledge Management Courses (for the National Association of Corporate Directors)


  • Business Forum on Knowledge Management (KM Russia) 2)
  • Expert Session on “Knowledge Management: Standards and Practices” 3)


  • May 2016: 1st expanded Board meeting of the KM-Alliance
  • Jan 2016: Future Plans of Knowledge Associates International
  • Russian Knowledge Management Week, Singapore, Samara, Moscow and St. Petersburg, November 18-30, 2014
    Conference Theme: Collaboration, Co-creation, Innovation
  • Nov 2015: Strategic Session on “Knowledge management for innovation and development of high-tech companies” (together with Innovation Agency of Moscow and Genesis Group)

Moscow Knowledge Office


  • Knowledge Asset Management School 4)
  • Larry Prusak Master-class “What is knowledge management and how to make it work?”


  • Knowledge Lounge (since 2015) 5)
    – Sep 2018 (Moscow): Creation and Development of Communities: Communities as a business development tool
    – Mar 2018 (Moscow): Creation and Development of Communities: Communities as a business development tool
    – Jan 2018 (Yekaterinburg): Creation and Development of Communities: Communities as a business development tool
    – Sep 2017 (Moscow): …
    – Mar 2017 (Moscow): Workbook on community management developed by the a participants
    – Jan 2017 (Yekaterinburg): Workbook on community management developed by the a participants
    – Dec 2016 (Moscow): …
    – Oct 2016 (Samara): Professional and expert communities. External and corporate
    – Sep 2015 (Boston): Seminar with Larry Prusak, MIT site visit, Boston excursion)
    – Jun 2015 (Moscow) …
  • – May 2016 (Perm): …
    – Feb 2016 (Yekaterinburg): … (in conjunction with the 2nd COMMUNITY.conf 2016 – Conference on Communities)
    – Sep 2015: … (in conjunction with the HR&Trainings expo)
    – Feb 2015 (Yekaterinburg): 1st Conference on Communities

  • Club “KM – PROFI” – monthly thematic meetings
  • Knowledge Management Breakfast with Oleg Lavrov (monthly, before 2019: every Wednesday) 6)
    – Mar 2019: professional conference on knowledge management in IT companies “Knowledge Conf 2019”
    – Oct 2018 (#235): Results of the Expert Session 2018
    – …
    – May 2018 (#225): Tools of “Personal KM” – how to better understand what you know, know how and do best
    – …
    – Dec 2017 (#209, Moscow): Online competency assessment platform
    – …
    – Jun 2016 (#…, Moscow): Presentation of the new Knowledge Management magazine (KM-Journal)
    – …
    – Mar 2016: Master of Science in Knowledge Management
    – …
    – Sep 2013: First KM-Breakfast
  • Others
    – Jun 2016: Presentation on “Practical tools for personal knowledge management”

Minsk Knowledge Office

Trainings & Seminars

  • Creating a system of continuous improvement of the company through knowledge management
  • Management of organizational self-learning processes: uncertainty as a development resource
  • Knowledge management system: development, implementation, development


  • May 2017: Opening of the Minsk Knowledge Office

Knowledge Cafes

    Nov 2017: How to create a school of philosophical counseling; Thinking as a commodity; Inventive problems in business models; Packaging methodology “Happiness in activity” for corporations; Foresight session of the HR Association “Intelligence of the Future”
    Oct 2017: Pumping a business model of a farm with services to strengthen teams; Optimization of the business model of the firm developing turnkey websites; How to create and earn on HYPE; How to build turquoise cooperation now;
    Sep 2017: Selection and motivation of people in a decentralized organization; Possibilities of the stock market of the Republic of Belarus from the point of view of a private investor; Corporate culture in the system of full management function
    Aug 2017: Decentralized science: approaches to organization and financing; Cryptocurrency operations in the context of legal uncertainty; How to motivate a turquoise organization to earn?
    Jul 2017: Looking for a model of turquoise organization
    Jun 2017: Methodology of knowledge management in the organization of online support; How to make money on creating a decentralized organization; Financing small businesses without financial intermediaries
    May 2017: Decentralized money: historical experience and prospects; Business of the future: smart contracts, blockchain and cryptoeconomics; Topics in Knowledge Management

Sectoral Chains Analyzes Lab

    Nov 2017: Creating a business model Digital Agency (cont.); Creating a business model Digital Agency; Analysis of industry chains of the company IBB (cont.)
    Oct 2017: Presentation Sectoral Chains Analyzes Lab & Analysis of industry chains of the company IBB

Free Float Season

    May 2019: Conclusion fintech blockchain startups through Switzerland; How to start a startup without anything?
    Apr 2019: Identity in Computational Epistemology Models; Is a disruptive business model possible in the construction industry?;
    Mar 2019: Digitization of international transport logistics; Blockchain platform for business as part of smart city; The use of blockchain to protect intellectual property; Blockchain in logistics
    Feb 2019: Niches LegalTech. Where do business connections and rights require technology?; Computational Law as an engineering discipline; Prokachka content “Instructions for managers”

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