Knowledge Management Competencies and Emerging Trends in the KM Job Market

Abstract: Over the past decades, the information and knowledge professions have become an important facet of the modern economy. The rise of the Internet and the impact of globalization have changed the way companies do business and led them to direct their attention to the importance of managing knowledge and information. Realizing the value of intellectual capital and the need for managing organizational intellectual assets, organizations are seeking a new generation of information professionals who are able to work in intensive and complex knowledge environments. This study is an attempt to look at the roles and responsibilities outlined by hiring organizations in descriptions of their job advertisements. Empirical data concerning the organizations recruiting, the location of position, the main requirements and skills desired in the applicant, the qualifications needed, salary information, role and responsibilities were gathered from 1200 postings within the United States over the course of a year. The content analysis of the job postings and job description are used to identify areas and trends in the information and knowledge profession.

KRISTIN THOMPSON, BETSY VAN DER VEER MARTENS and SULIMAN HAWAMDEH: Knowledge Management Competencies and Emerging Trends in the KM Job Market. In: Hawamdeh, S. et al. (eds.): KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT: Competencies and Professionalism. Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Knowledge Management. Ohio, USA, 23 – 24 October 2008. World Scientific, 2008 (pp 13-25)

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