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The Knowledge Management Society Indonesia (KMSI) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Knowledge Sharing Forums & Seminars

  • KMSI Sharing Sessions (every 3 months)
    – Oct 2018: KMSI Sharing “Disruption in Industrial Revolution 4.0”
    – Apr 2018: KMSI Sharing “Knowledge Management Millenial – Smart Millenial”
    – Jan 2018: KMSI Sharing
    – May 2017: KMSI Sharing
    – May 2016: KMSI Sharing “Enforcement Management: Do We Need It in Knowledge Management Implementation”
    – Jan 2016: KMSI Sharing “Why Knowledge Management Fails?”
    – Apr 2015: KMSI Sharing Forum on “Buliding Knowledge Management in Indonesia”
    – Sep 2014: Gurteen Knowledge Cafe on Conversational Leadership
    – Jun 2014: Leadership Behavior, Perceptions of Organizational Support, Intensity of Knowledge Sharing and Job Satisfaction in Gaining Knowledge
    – May 2013: GA KM Event “Enrich Your Knowledge By Share”; Site Visit (Suralaya power plant): From WISE (Writing Innovation Sharing and Efficiency in Energy) to Sinergy (Sustainable Innovation for a Better Energy)
    – Feb 2012: KMSI Forum “Knowledge Map”
    – Sep 2011: KMSI Forum
    – Jun 2011: KMSI Forum
    – Apr 2011: KMSI meeting
    – Feb 2009: KM DAY event
  • Seminars
    • Nov 2016: Launching Portal Knowledge Management System (KMS) BPPT and KM & KIT Seminar
    • National Seminar “Saving Indonesian Economy through Knowledge-Based Economy” 1)
      – 2013: May
      – 2012: October, November
  • Aug 2016: KMSI Halal–Bihalal event


  • Smart Knowledge Mapping (Knowledge Management Short Course)
    – 2018: May, June


  • Knowledge Management Summit Indonesia (KM Summit)* 2)

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