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The Institute for Knowledge Mobilization, formerly Knowledge Mobilization Works Consulting & Training, has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Certificate in Knowledge Management 1)


  • Knowledge Management: Monitoring and Evaluation Methods / Gestion des connaissances: contrôle et méthodes d’évaluation

On demand workshops

    Knowledge Brokering: creating links between people and knowledge
    Designing a Knowledge Mobilization Strategy
    Communities of practice: creating, managing, sustaining
    Data Visualization: Helping you to see what your data wants you to know
    Decision Making: Understanding your personal style
    Learning: Understanding your personal style
    Social Network Analysis: Applications in Community and Public Health

Knowledge Mobilization Summer Institute/School** (2015-2016)

  • 2nd Annual Knowledge Mobilization Summer School, August 15-17, 2016, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Knowledge Mobilization Summer Institute/School, August 17-19, 2015, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Knowledge Worker Enhanced Skills Training – KWEST (2011)

  • Learning Styles Inventory – to help you learn HOW you learn
  • Decision-making Styles Inventory – to help you learn HOW you make decisions

Mobilizer Boot Camps: Knowledge Mobilization Workshop Series

    Apr 2009: Creativity and Experimentation for Knowledge Mobilization
    Mar 2009: Leadership for Knowledge Mobilization @ Royal Roads University
    Feb 2009: Human Resources for Knowledge Mobilization
    Jan 2009: Incentives and Infrastructure for Knowledge Mobilization


  • Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum (CKF)*2)



  • CCL Knowledge Exchange Podcast** (supported by the Canadian Council on Learning)


    CODE Webinar series
    Jan 2009: #5 … & French Rebroadcast
    Nov 2008: #4 Communities of Practice; #3: Mobiliser nos Connaissances (en francais)
    Oct 2008: #2 Reculturing: R/evolution in linking knowledge and practice
    Sep 2008: #1 Systems Thinking


  • Ottawa Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) Community of Practice 3)
  • Ottawa Knowledge Broker Community of Practice* 2)
  • Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Knowledge Transfer & Exchange Community of Practice (KTECoP)* 2)
  • Knowledge Mobilization Leaders Roundtable


Ottawa KMb Community of Practice meetings (6 times a year)

    May 2019: Intro to Knowledge Mobilization: What I wish I knew when I started
    Apr 2019: TBC
    Mar 2019: Knowledge Mobilization & Twitter
    Feb 2019: Knowledge Mobilization & Policy
    Dec 2018: Knowledge Mobilization & Visual Communication
    Nov 2018: Review of CoP Evaluation & Planning

    Feb 2011: Business Meeting ‘Creation of an KTECoP Ottawa Chapter’

Knowledge Mobilization Leaders Roundtable

  • Jan 2015: Working together to build capacity

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