Knowledge Organization Competencies Survey

Abstract: Some of us involved with the Innovations in Knowledge Organisation conference in Singapore are working on a competency framework for knowledge organisation (i.e. taxonomies, ontologies, thesauri, etc). We have put together a brief survey that might be of interest to you, to test a competency framework we have drafted.

All responses will be treated anonymously and participants will receive aggregated survey results but only if they request it.

Matt Moore: Competency Framework for Knowledge Organization Professionals. The Straits Knowledge Bulletin, May 2015

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Background info:

  • Article, Slides, Video of ‘Building Competences for Knowledge Organisation’ by Matt Moore, delivered at the Innovations in Knowledge Organisation (IKO) Conference 2015

Note: Watch this and other videos relevant to Knowledge Management education and training on the KMedu Hub’s video channels on YouTube or vimeo.

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